Just a Short Note Away……

Well, just a shortie post as I’m off to work soon.  Britains’ Got Talent  final will be on tonight and may the BEST one win.  Hopefully it will be the one with the most TALENT and not the one with the best STORY…….  I live in hope that the times they are a changing.  Continue reading “Just a Short Note Away……”

Britains got Sunshine and I Want a piece!

Sod this for a bag of darts!  I’m off out in the sunshine, whilst it still lasts!  This weather doesn’t last very long.  For all I know, I may be actually looking at the Summer!  It’s happened every year…just when you thought Summer had started… 2 or 3 days is all you got: that wasContinue reading “Britains got Sunshine and I Want a piece!”

My 180th Post: A Labour of Love? or a Love of Wittering on?

Well its my 180th post!  I have only missed 4 days since I started at the end of November last year.  What do I find to write about every day?  Well, not a lot sometimes I admit, but I still manage a paragraph or two.  What do I expect to gain from doing it?  IContinue reading “My 180th Post: A Labour of Love? or a Love of Wittering on?”

Most Haunted: The Black Bull Haworth: Tales of the Much Expected

The Most Haunted Black Bull public house Haworth Yorkshire got the treatment last night……with predicable results. Apparently this programme was shown in 2005 (see Bronteblog), but I must have missed it.  What did I miss?  Not a lot in the form of ‘evidence’.  The main target as usual was ‘bad boy’ Branwell Bronte, described as aContinue reading “Most Haunted: The Black Bull Haworth: Tales of the Much Expected”

Britain Has Got Talent After all!

I told myself I wasn’t going to bother watching this after last night, which I thought was abysmal.  But I’m so GLAD that I did!  Britain has got talent alright!  and it comes in the form of a 12 year old lad from Wales called Shaheen Jafagholi . Thought this  lad was really good!  Lets hopeContinue reading “Britain Has Got Talent After all!”

Britain’s got talent? Where? Did I miss Something?

Been watching and not impressed.  Susan Boyle? never had any preconceived ideas, not having seen the audition…. Just going by last night. In my opinion she sounded well, not so good……. just flat, and rushing all the way through the song. Probably nerves, but even so….. This has to be the most patronising hype I’ve ever seen.  Surely it’s a caseContinue reading “Britain’s got talent? Where? Did I miss Something?”

Busy doing Nothing, or trying to at least

The Bank Holiday weekend stretches out before me – and I don’t have to work!  There’s so much to do though on my blog.  I haven’ done an altered art page in my book for quite a while.  I have the next page set out (with a door in) but what to put behind theContinue reading “Busy doing Nothing, or trying to at least”

A New Day yesterday: Talent versus the Average Joe equals Predictable Result

It’s not like me to be political (not on here anyway, it’s supposed to be an art blog)  BUT, I’ve just got to SAY…………….. Great finale to American Idol, which i have been watching avidly.  Of course Adam Lambert should have won, but I just sort of KNEW that Kris Allen, ‘nice guy all AmericanContinue reading “A New Day yesterday: Talent versus the Average Joe equals Predictable Result”