Transcription Pages 37 Girl and Cat (can be applied to both paintings)

Continuing with my transcription of Paula Rego’s ‘Snow White and her Stepmother’.  Page 37 shows  that the image is mostly made from oblongs and triangles.   Page 37 references the t Bathus (b.Paris 1912) ‘Girl and Cat’ painting.  This shows an adolescent girl sitting with her cat, with her feet up, in a gloomy room.  ItContinue reading “Transcription Pages 37 Girl and Cat (can be applied to both paintings)”

My 150th Post! How did this happen?

  I can’t believe it!  These posts certainly add up if you do them every day don’t they?  And I have done one nearly every day (apart from 4)  I started on 30th November 2008 with this post I now have several catagories, which I keep adding to.  Over the past couple of weeks IContinue reading “My 150th Post! How did this happen?”

York Break: Haworth still Wuthering after all these years

On the way back from our York break, we called in at  Haworth, the Yorkshire village famous for it’s association with the Bronte’s.   There was a time when we used to go once or twice a year, but this was the first time we had been in 3 years.  Nothing had changed.  Perhaps a fewContinue reading “York Break: Haworth still Wuthering after all these years”

Something for the weekend? How about a slump?

Somthing weird is going on with this blog.  A pattern is gradually emerging, and I can’t understand it.  Everything is going along O.K. in the week, yet at the weekend, I have very few views.  I can’t work out why this is though.  Answers on a postcard please (preferably at weekend lol!) Anyway, what I’veContinue reading “Something for the weekend? How about a slump?”

York Break: A brief summary

Micklegate York A quick post today as I’m working.  Here are the links for the York Break we went on just after Easter.  Starting with; ‘Alas poor Jorvik (Centre), maybe next time..’ ‘Throwing yourself on the Mercy of the Parish these days…..‘ ‘Onwards Roman Soldiers marching through the Treasurers House’  ‘When in the ancient cityContinue reading “York Break: A brief summary”

York Break: The Haunted house in Stonegate

We visited the Haunted house in Stonegate.  We didn’t even know that this was there last time we went.  I have to say that the house is indeed strange: full of atmosphere.  The narrative starts in the first room and follows you though the house to the attics, to the depths of the cellar. There areContinue reading “York Break: The Haunted house in Stonegate”

Time and Tide and all that waits for who and what?

So much to do in this blog and not enough time to do it: at least not in the way I want to.  Some of the stuff I mention, I want to write more deeply about, but time being at a premium, I find myself skimming the surfaces and using links.  It’s not that IContinue reading “Time and Tide and all that waits for who and what?”

Happy Birthday to you dear J M W TURNER, Squashed tomatos and stew

  Happy birthday to Joseph Mallord WilliamTurner 1775 –  1851 What can you say about Turner that hasn’t been said?  Squashed tomatoes and stew refers to John Ruskin‘s ‘Two Boyhoods’ where he writes about Giorgione  1477 – 1510 and Turner.1775 1851.  Ruskin’s writing is so clever, informative and passionate – never dry: the man caresContinue reading “Happy Birthday to you dear J M W TURNER, Squashed tomatos and stew”