My 500th post

It’s not really my 500th post – that was yesterday, but I wanted to commemorate the Titanic.  I have been playing around with WordPress’ slide show tutorial and I thought what could be more fitting than to try to make a slide show of some of the items I have featured on my blog so far.  Starting inContinue reading “My 500th post”

Echostains – what exactly is it’

 People are always asking me how I came up with such unusual name like ‘Echostains’ for a blog. Echostains began was a project I did at University. That project has now seen many changes, but it is still alive and kicking. I am still exploring communication through art, though now the communication is through theContinue reading “Echostains – what exactly is it’”

300 Posts and Still Celebrating!

Let the celebrations continue – that’s what I say!  Amongst my categories are ‘Potty about Teapots’, this is where I try to find unusual teapots that have particularly unusual and aesthetically pleasing designs (in my opinion), or they are made from unusual materials.  ‘Bronte Bites’ are little snippets about the Bronte’s that I find interesting. Continue reading “300 Posts and Still Celebrating!”

My 160th Post: Still Rambling on

Well, I can’t believe that this is my 160th post!  What on earth have I found to write (or ramble on about?)  I now have 11 categories.  Some of these are well left behind – like the London Jaunt and LasVegas.  They’re nice to look back on though.  I am continuing with my Transcription.  ThatContinue reading “My 160th Post: Still Rambling on”

My 150th Post! How did this happen?

  I can’t believe it!  These posts certainly add up if you do them every day don’t they?  And I have done one nearly every day (apart from 4)  I started on 30th November 2008 with this post I now have several catagories, which I keep adding to.  Over the past couple of weeks IContinue reading “My 150th Post! How did this happen?”

My 130th post:How’s it going so far? Well…….

This is my 130th post!  I’m quite proud of that!  So far, since I started on 29th November 2008, I have only missed 4 days (and one of them was a time difference when I went away).   Although primarily, my blog is about art, there’s also categories, such as holidays, and uncategorised (me, goingContinue reading “My 130th post:How’s it going so far? Well…….”

My Surfaces: ‘Alchemy’ page 4 Brown Sauce meets Latex

Continuing with the ‘Alchemy’ project I did a few years ago: The surfaces now are getting thicker.  1.  Brown sauce is mixed with cornflour and a water based clear varnish.   Brown sauce can be used to clean metal.  Some people clean coins with it.  I myself like the verdigris and patina of an old coinContinue reading “My Surfaces: ‘Alchemy’ page 4 Brown Sauce meets Latex”

My Surfaces: ‘Alchemy’ page 3 playing with the contents of an old make up bag

Continuing with the ‘Alchemy’ project I completed a few years ago, this page is about make – up (Old make up I may add).  I mean Charlie glitter????  Never throw anything away and you too can live in a tip like me lol!  Seriously, don’t ever put old make up on your skin..PAINT or experimentContinue reading “My Surfaces: ‘Alchemy’ page 3 playing with the contents of an old make up bag”