Art Discovered and Recovered – Morwenna Catt

Anyone who is a regular reader of this blog has probably guessed that a lot of my posts are spontaneous and that the subject can be prompted sometimes by anything and everything.   Sometimes it can be the date of an artist’s birthday, or the subject of a poem or something I’ve seen or heard in the mediaContinue reading “Art Discovered and Recovered – Morwenna Catt”

Valley of the Broken Dolls

Inspired by artistatthexit0′ s latest post about the dolls he has found in the river, made me think about artist’s who use the doll in their work.  Of course Hans Bellmer and Cindy Sherman were the first artists I thought of.  Surrealist photographer Hans Bellmer (b.Germany 1902 – 1950)  used broken doll parts in aContinue reading “Valley of the Broken Dolls”

Altered Book: Page 24 Pop goes Art

Here are the artists associated with my last altered book page 24.  You can see how I decided to take it to another level by playing on the words I had chosen; “Pop says “We’re just going to have a little talk” Therefore, why not let Pop talk?  Pop as a communication – art form orContinue reading “Altered Book: Page 24 Pop goes Art”

It’s Back! Altered Book page 24 Waiting Behind the Door

Yes it’s back (after 5 months absence) and I WILL finish it eventually!  I actually completed another page today and I fully intend to crack on with it.  One of the problems I have been turning over is how to display these pages.  I may do a slide show of them.  That may solve theContinue reading “It’s Back! Altered Book page 24 Waiting Behind the Door”

In Search of the last book (again)

Just a quick post today before work.  Well, I don’t know how I do it, but I have lost my Altered Art book yet AGAIN!  This book is taking me years to do, as I keep mislaying it.  I haven’t done anything in it for quite a while.  I was trying to come up withContinue reading “In Search of the last book (again)”

Busy doing Nothing, or trying to at least

The Bank Holiday weekend stretches out before me – and I don’t have to work!  There’s so much to do though on my blog.  I haven’ done an altered art page in my book for quite a while.  I have the next page set out (with a door in) but what to put behind theContinue reading “Busy doing Nothing, or trying to at least”

Altered art book continued: Pages 21 and 22 The not so Hidden Gem

Continuing page 22 in my altered art book.  The Stations mentioned in the text (Moscow, Brussels, Helsinki and Hiversum) used in the context of the shrine, refer to the 14 Stations of the Cross or the Way of Sorrow: Christ’s journey to his own crucifixion.   Tucked away through an alleyway, in a small enclosedContinue reading “Altered art book continued: Pages 21 and 22 The not so Hidden Gem”

Altered art book: Page 22 My Heart has Wings…

Continuing with my altered art book: after a couple of weeks I have managed to do another page, and I can’t say that it has been easy (as all the text was chosen a few years ago).  I am nearly coming towards the end of the first chapter : there are 3 chapters all togetherContinue reading “Altered art book: Page 22 My Heart has Wings…”