It’s Back! Altered Book page 24 Waiting Behind the Door

pages 23 and 24
pages 23 and 24

Yes it’s back (after 5 months absence) and I WILL finish it eventually!  I actually completed another page today and I fully intend to crack on with it.  One of the problems I have been turning over is how to display these pages.  I may do a slide show of them.  That may solve the problem of putting lots of links to different pages.  I don’t know yet, I will have to see.

page23 this tiny pocket watch image isn't part of this was on the scanner!
page23 this tiny pocket watch image isn't part of this was on the scanner!

I left off at page 23 and the installation/performance artist Mona Hatoum.

page 24 door shut
page 24 door shut

The muffled voice coming through the veil or a gag: communicating.  This has become a confessional, or a secret.  I bore in mind the text  ‘He heard the key turn in the door’  The cut out leaves are from some paper I have.  The idea to put leaves behind this door came from the opposite page (p.23) where the text refers to  them –

‘Back in his own room, he wound the tape back to PLAY.  Nothing for long seconds.  Then a rustling like leaves, then his voice wrapped up as if he was talking through cloth.’

page 24 open door
page 24 open door

I then threaded some beads on wire to make a ‘key’.  The text at the bottom says;-

“Pop said ” We’re just going to have a little talk”

What artist am I going to link to this page?  Well, it’s not going to be just one…’s going to be a whole movement!  And it’s got to be POP!

Continued tomorrow…

Media used; white  ink wash, acrylic paint, cardboard window, beads, wire,

More pages in my category section


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