Altered Book: Page 24 Pop goes Art

Here are the artists associated with my last altered book page 24.  You can see how I decided to take it to another level by playing on the words I had chosen;

page 24 door shut
page 24 door shut

“Pop says “We’re just going to have a little talk”

Therefore, why not let Pop talk?  Pop as a communication – art form or a movement.


Peter Blake collage
Peter Blake collage

Pop art first showed it’s face in mid 1950s Britain and the later part of the 50s in the US.  It goes against the tradition of fine art because it uses mass produced media and is more about techniues and re occuring themes in the mass media.  It was  used as a reaction against  abstract expressionism, using  advertising, comic, commercial and popular images.  It used reproductions and other techniques that take away the elitism about art.  It was a very mix and match, kitschy and eclectic sort of art.

warhol soup can..because he can
warhol soup can..because he can

Pop artist Andy Warhol made his advertisement based art  larger than life.  In fact he made everything larger than life, transforming the ordinary into the extra ordinary.   Brillo and Campbells soup cans became up to the minute images.  Peter Blakes, Britains formost Pop artist, drew from many sources: newspapers, advertisements, television, mass culture and  elements of collage.   With Pop art, the  paint  work was gloss, and the lines were clear.   Bits of Dadaism were thrown  into the mix too: the more the merrier it seemed, as long as it was fresh, modern,  commercial and now.

Hamilton collage
Hamilton collage

British Pop artist included Peter Blake, Richard Hamilton and David Hockney.  There are so many Pop artists that made a major contribution.  Many can be found HERE and HERE

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