Altered art book page 19 continued Beyond the Veil again

This is my 90th post!  Do I want a medal for it? YES! Continuing with page 19 of my Altered art book: I thought that this extract from my dissertation would go quite well with page 19 of my Altered art book: “The idea of the artist as magician is not a new one.  TheContinue reading “Altered art book page 19 continued Beyond the Veil again”

Not too busy to stop for Tea….

I have been SO busy this week, I’ve not stopped!  I’ve hardly had time to blog even.  I need to get round to the magician part of page 19 in my Altered art book, but not had the time (plus I blog in advance as it is!).  I can’t remember which shop window I snappedContinue reading “Not too busy to stop for Tea….”

My Surfaces: ‘Unveiled’ Journal unveiled

  This project journal employed the unusual componant of pasta! spagetti, this wasn’t difficult to paint on.  I have used pasta as a medium before in a painting called ‘Noise’   Here is a detail from the journal front:   If you look closely you can see some exposed foil. I’m very fond of usingContinue reading “My Surfaces: ‘Unveiled’ Journal unveiled”

Altered art book Page 19 Behind the Curtain

Continuing my Altered art book: page 19: the words I have chosen are; He had a moment of clairvoyance He turned cold inside and something tightened in his head…… I had a bit of a job with this.  Why had I chosen those words so long ago?   ‘A moment of clairvoyance’ what does itContinue reading “Altered art book Page 19 Behind the Curtain”

The Creeping Woman in the Wallpaper

  This painting ‘Creeping Woman’ is part of the ‘Yellow Wallpaper’ (part 3 of the ‘Echostains’ project).  The ‘Yellow Wallpaper’ is  a short story by Charlotte Perkins Gilman.  If you have read it, you will see where this piece was coming from.   I wanted to get on with my Altered art book today but I haveContinue reading “The Creeping Woman in the Wallpaper”

Shaking the dead by the Finger

styx In this painting , I used ink, some acrylic and filler.  I tend to use a lot of this as an impasto, it mixes well with acrylic and gives a nice surface for painting on using inks etc.  Originally this painting was called St Michan’s, after the Church in Dublin, where I spent my birthday shakingContinue reading “Shaking the dead by the Finger”

Blue Animation from ‘The Yellow Wallpaper’ Echostains

  ‘Blue Animation is part of the ‘Echostains’ project.  The project is about communication – all types.  In the third part of the project (The Yellow Wallpaper), gestural marks are made to ‘suggest’ shapes, thoughts, feelings, etc.  ‘The Yellow Wallpaper’ is a short story by Charlotte Perkins Gilman and tells the tale of a womanContinue reading “Blue Animation from ‘The Yellow Wallpaper’ Echostains”

Everything stops for tea, even me!

I was going to do some more of my Altered art book today, but I’ve been too busy and just haven’t had the time.  This is a quick post.  I just haven’t stopped today, except for a cup of tea that is.  I don’t drink coffee, I like the smell of it, and I don’tContinue reading “Everything stops for tea, even me!”