Clear the Decks and burn ‘em!

Over the last couple of days we have been having a big clear out.  The rubbish we accumulate is amazing, also a bit frightening!  WHY?  We have now made several trips to the rubbish dump.  At out particular dump (I’ll call it ‘tip’ so as not to get confused with our house), everything is soContinue reading “Clear the Decks and burn ‘em!”

My Surfaces: Drawing journal ‘Gilding the Lily’

I love doodling with gold and silver ink pens, somehow the drawing just grows and grows, and I get more and more carried away!  This is good in a sense as it is free expression.  It must be said though that it doesn’t do to be too free.  I feel there must always be aContinue reading “My Surfaces: Drawing journal ‘Gilding the Lily’”

Incoming traffic? Seems like theres no parking here

  Well this is my 80th post in  82 days.  I can’t understand why I’m not getting more traffic.  I have followed the advice to blog every day, and I do.  Don’t get me wrong, I ENJOY doing it, but it’s a bit disheartening when I’ve put time and effort into a post and IContinue reading “Incoming traffic? Seems like theres no parking here”

Transcription ‘Snow White and her Stepmother’ by Paula Rego continued Pages 14

Continuing my Transcription ‘Snow White and her Stepmother by Paula Rego: Page 14   More experiments with tone. (p.14) I drew this image over and over again until I really knew my way around it!   This is one of the early acquaintances….. (p.15) I then cut and re arranged the image, then extracted a sectionContinue reading “Transcription ‘Snow White and her Stepmother’ by Paula Rego continued Pages 14”

Art I LOVE Brian McGuire ‘Foundation Stones’

This painting moved me in a unerving way.  It is a painting by the Irish artist Brian McGuire, and I saw it at the Dublin Art Gallery a few years ago. The experience is like looking through a long tunnel or corridor type room.  But it is the use of the green and yellow thatContinue reading “Art I LOVE Brian McGuire ‘Foundation Stones’”

Altered art book page 18 Heaviness is not always Metal

Continuing my Altered art book with page 18, I am continuing with the ‘junk’ theme.  On page 17 I looked at the connoctations of the word ‘junk’, exploring drugs and  assemblage (disgarded stuff used to evoke memories).  On this page is an image of a hand made machine.  I don’t know what it is, IContinue reading “Altered art book page 18 Heaviness is not always Metal”

Valentine? Where art thou? and WHY?

I blame that St Valentine for pushing great expectations up.  It’s all his fault when women don’t get valentine cards because they either have no partner or their partner forgets.  The arguements that have kicked off because people haven’t bothered or have genuininly forgot to get their other half a card must be great.     WhatContinue reading “Valentine? Where art thou? and WHY?”

Friday 13th? What a load of rubbish…touch wood..

It’s Friday 13th today, but I’m writing this on the 12th (just to be on the safe side) this p.c. is temperamental at the best of times.  Not that I’m superstitious you understand….  Oh no, I’ve evolved more than that you know.  The lifetimes I’ve LIVED, let me tell you!  I mean, what a loadContinue reading “Friday 13th? What a load of rubbish…touch wood..”