‘How’s it going? here’s an update’

     Time for a little update.  ‘Echostains’ itself is going well, many are reading but, not many are commenting – don’t be shy come forward and show yourselves!  ‘Bookstains’ my other blog is coming along alright, its early days yet, but I am enjoying doing it.  Although I keep saying it, I really do need toContinue reading “‘How’s it going? here’s an update’”

Altered art book page 19 continued Beyond the Veil again

This is my 90th post!  Do I want a medal for it? YES! Continuing with page 19 of my Altered art book: I thought that this extract from my dissertation would go quite well with page 19 of my Altered art book: “The idea of the artist as magician is not a new one.  TheContinue reading “Altered art book page 19 continued Beyond the Veil again”

A Little Light relief: Euphoria Borealis

Having recently watched a programme about the Northern Lights, (it’s one of my ambitions to see this strange phenomena one day).  It put me in mind of a painting I did in my final year at Uni.  It was the last painting I completed for my degree.  I had done a massive Art History dissertation, Continue reading “A Little Light relief: Euphoria Borealis”