Chairs with Satitude

More reasons to be chairful, especially on this rainy miserable day. AKA as any excuse to indulge my curiosity for weird and playful chairs. ‘Some people say that knowledge is sat in your lap’ (Kate Bush). Lap that wisdom up by trying out this bronze and mixed media ‘Man chair’ by Ruth Franken (1924-2006) ThisContinue reading “Chairs with Satitude”

Weird and Wacky Umbrellas

A while ago I did a post on umbrellas and parasols which appeared as props in famous paintings (here).  According to Wiki, umbrella comes from the Latin word umbra, meaning a shade or shadow, which in its own turn originally derived from Greek.  Umbrellas and parasols are to be found all over the world and throughout historyContinue reading “Weird and Wacky Umbrellas”

Weird and Wacky: cool cruets

  I used to collect cruets.  I had some shaped like fruit, peppers even bags of flour.  Cruets have got a lot more innovative and adventurous since I started collecting.  These ant ones can be used on a picnic.  Somehow, I don’t think the real ants would come anywhere near if these saw these giants Continue reading “Weird and Wacky: cool cruets”

Weird and Wacky design – Undies for squirrels and other silly ideas

There are some strange products being made today.  It still amazes me how the creators manage to come up with their crazy ideas – let alone get people to actually buy the products!  When I saw these underpants for squirrels I just thought WHY?  Why would someone design underclothes for squirrels?  Would you actually goContinue reading “Weird and Wacky design – Undies for squirrels and other silly ideas”

Weird and Wacky Design: Stick With What you Know…..

  Here’s an odd collection of stuff I came across the other day.  I’m not sure if I like the bracelet or not…probably not, in other words, I wouldn’t wear it.  It is very unusual though…Jaws springs to mind (and not in a nice way either) How cute are these sticking plasters or (bandages, asContinue reading “Weird and Wacky Design: Stick With What you Know…..”

Weird and Whacky Design: Crazy Cool Ice Cubes

Ice cubes have come a long way from the boring square pieces of ice we use to enliven and cool our drinks with.  Here’s some of the more unusual ones: – I love this  Jewel ice cube tray1  Imagine freezing different coloured juices to add a bit of bling to your drinks! Make your drinksContinue reading “Weird and Whacky Design: Crazy Cool Ice Cubes”