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Weird and Wacky Umbrellas

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The Nubrella - don't leave home without it

A while ago I did a post on umbrellas and parasols which appeared as props in famous paintings (here).  According to Wiki, umbrella comes from the Latin word umbra, meaning a shade or shadow, which in its own turn originally derived from Greek.  Umbrellas and parasols are to be found all over the world and throughout history including ancient Egypt.

We’ve all seen the colourful designs and handles that umbrella manufacturers have come up with, but these creative and somewhat wacky contraptions recently caught my eye.  A very unusual type of umbrella – the Nubrella, turns the traditional design on its head leaving the hands free.  It can’t blow inside out and it won’t poke others in the eye!

Snoozer pet umbrella

Please spare a thought for your poor drenched pooch.  This pet umbrella clips on to the collar and has a lead attached – thereby assuring that your animal doesn’t end up looking like a drowned rat.   It would be interesting to hear the opinion of these pets……

when a lovely flame dies - smoke gets in your eyes


Lastly an umbrella for smokers, complete with ashtray!  I’m just speechless:O

Pet umbrella from here

Nubrella info from here

Smokers umbrella and other most unusual ones here

Weird and Wacky: cool cruets

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strange ant cruet set

I used to collect cruets.  I had some shaped like fruit, peppers even bags of flour.  Cruets have got a lot more innovative and adventurous since I started collecting.  These ant ones can be used on a picnic.  Somehow, I don’t think the real ants would come anywhere near if these saw these giants  ant watchdogs 🙂

This unusual ring from Chao & Eero Jewel is known as a Spiced lady ring.  Not only is it a piece of jewelry, it can hold spices or salt, pepper to be added to food as you cook.  There’s a touch of the Lucrezia Borgia about this I think.  What fun though 🙂

ever ready cruet set

These ‘batteries’ are also a  cruet set.  They are known as Salt and Pepper Cell and are exactly like a D size  battery  in dimension.  They are made of stainless steel and glass with power indicators on the side  tell you about how much spice you have left before its time to refill.  Available in Red and Turquoise and Black and White.  Different!

The ant cruet from here (and others)

The spiced lady ring link is here

Battery cruet link here

Weird and Wacky design – Undies for squirrels and other silly ideas

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one size fits most squirrels apparently - and they last for years...

There are some strange products being made today.  It still amazes me how the creators manage to come up with their crazy ideas – let alone get people to actually buy the products!  When I saw these underpants for squirrels I just thought WHY?  Why would someone design underclothes for squirrels?  Would you actually go out of your way to catch a squrrel?  Even if you were mad enough to catch one and escape a nasty bite – would the undies fit?  How would you fit them over the tail?  Lol why am I even thinking about the practicalities of this!  It’s obviously a joke (that I don’t get)
But this was before I saw the video….all is now as clear as mud!  Made me laugh anyway. HERE
Bacon briefcase
It seems the whole world has gone bacon mad lately.  I’ve seen lots of bacon flavoured items, like toothpaste, toothpicks and even air fresheners.  But a Bacon briefcase – now that is unusual!  I wonder what it’s made of?  Don’t tell me…..bacon?  If it had been made of beef it would have been called a beefcase wouldn’t it?

memory where did I put them?

Here’s another strange product – mints for Senior Moments.  Having a Senior moment? reach for one of these special mints.  The product doesn’t boast of any miraculous properties.  Surely if you were having a Senior moment you wouldn’t even remember that you had bought these mints?  Kind of defeats the object really.

Neatarama for some more wacky products HERE
Get the Squirrels undies HERE (You know you want to)

Weird and Wacky Design: Stick With What you Know…..

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gold tooth smile bracelet

Here’s an odd collection of stuff I came across the other day.  I’m not sure if I like the bracelet or not…probably not, in other words, I wouldn’t wear it.  It is very unusual though…Jaws springs to mind (and not in a nice way either)

kisses bandages

How cute are these sticking plasters or (bandages, as they are known?)  It seems there are loads of designs now part from the usual pink and blue.  Some of these are great, but why would you put a strip of bacon over your wound? lol!

bacon bandages

For sheer fun though, I really LOVE this banana vase!  This banana shape lends itself quite well to a flower container I think. 

jonathon adler banana vase

 Also these totem cups are rather nice and stackable.  I like the fact that they have been left plain and understated, this lets the design speak for itself.

totem stackable mugs

The above items are available from HERE

Weird and Whacky Design: Crazy Cool Ice Cubes

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Ice cubes have come a long way from the boring square pieces of ice we use to enliven and cool our drinks with.  Here’s some of the more unusual ones: –

Cool Jewels ice tray

Cool Jewels ice tray

I love this  Jewel ice cube tray1  Imagine freezing different coloured juices to add a bit of bling to your drinks!

Make your drinks sparkle with these jewels!  HERES the stockist

gin and titonic anyone?

gin and titonic anyone?


Drinks on the rocks? what a surprise… add these and you know that your drink will go on..and on and on lol!

sharks fin ice tray

sharks fin ice tray

just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water…..

frozen smiles ice tray, cool teeth for the gummy

frozen smiles ice tray, cool teeth for the gummy

By Gum!  Get your jaws round these!

Lastly, what about these Nordic Rocks from Sweden?  Why are these any different from any other rocks?  Do they keep cooler longer? are they made from some unusual kind of stone?  Beats me….

Nordic rocks.  Swedish company selling rocks as ice cubes

Nordic rocks. Swedish company selling rocks as ice cubes