Weird and Wacky design – Undies for squirrels and other silly ideas

one size fits most squirrels apparently - and they last for years...
There are some strange products being made today.  It still amazes me how the creators manage to come up with their crazy ideas – let alone get people to actually buy the products!  When I saw these underpants for squirrels I just thought WHY?  Why would someone design underclothes for squirrels?  Would you actually go out of your way to catch a squrrel?  Even if you were mad enough to catch one and escape a nasty bite – would the undies fit?  How would you fit them over the tail?  Lol why am I even thinking about the practicalities of this!  It’s obviously a joke (that I don’t get)
But this was before I saw the video….all is now as clear as mud!  Made me laugh anyway. HERE
Bacon briefcase
It seems the whole world has gone bacon mad lately.  I’ve seen lots of bacon flavoured items, like toothpaste, toothpicks and even air fresheners.  But a Bacon briefcase – now that is unusual!  I wonder what it’s made of?  Don’t tell me…..bacon?  If it had been made of beef it would have been called a beefcase wouldn’t it?
memory where did I put them?

Here’s another strange product – mints for Senior Moments.  Having a Senior moment? reach for one of these special mints.  The product doesn’t boast of any miraculous properties.  Surely if you were having a Senior moment you wouldn’t even remember that you had bought these mints?  Kind of defeats the object really.

Neatarama for some more wacky products HERE
Get the Squirrels undies HERE (You know you want to)

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