Jane Eyre’s beginnings

      Anyone who has read Gaskill’s Life of Charlotte Bronte will know that Charlotte accompanied her father Patrick Bronte to Manchester when he underwent a successful cataract operation.  Mr Wilson a famous oculist recommended comfortable lodgings which were ran by a former servant of his. The lodging house has long gone, but theContinue reading “Jane Eyre’s beginnings”

Changing Faces

Inspired by Lesliepaints (and who wouldn’t be), I thought it might be fun to look at some self portraits of artists.  I shall start a new category for this in the future and look at the artists individually.   In the meanwhile, lets get a taste of the ever changing face of the artist by watchingContinue reading “Changing Faces”

Where do I go to? to the Arts web Roadshow that’s where it’s at!

  This blog first caught my attention when the author left a comment about my hoarding habit!  I visited his site – and I was soon hooked!  Kserverny aka Cheffie, Clickety, Cornered, Sir Richard, or Richard North is a man driven.  Well driven and torn – yes both at the same time!  Not only is heContinue reading “Where do I go to? to the Arts web Roadshow that’s where it’s at!”

Step into Outsider Art

I’ve always been fascinated by outsider art.  My interest began through exploration into Surrealism and then the art of the subconscious.  The expression ‘Outsider’ art was first coined by Roger Cardinal, a British writer.  It was the English equivalent for the term Art Brut, originally formulated in the 1940s by the French artist Jean Dubuffet.Continue reading “Step into Outsider Art”

‘Still I Rise’ Maya Angelou

A while ago, I featured the famous poetess Maya Angelou poem  I know why the caged bird sings.  Here’s another one that I think is absolutely amazing and uplifting in its message.  This poem is almost like a hymn  –  it is a song of freedom to everyone who needs to find inner strength and courage.  It isContinue reading “‘Still I Rise’ Maya Angelou”

The Battle for Trafalgar begins (fourth plinth)

As I wrote previously in this post, Yinka Shonbare’s Nelson’s Ship in a Bottle occupies the fourth plinth at moment in Trafalgar Square London UK.  Six other artist have been shortlisted and shall battle it out for the prestigious fourth plinth place when Shonibare has vacated it.  Who shall be the victor? Among the artist are British artistsContinue reading “The Battle for Trafalgar begins (fourth plinth)”

A life in Motion – Muybridge

  Francis Bacon was a great fan of the pioneer film photographer Eadward Muybridge  b. 1883 – 1904 (strange way of spelling Edward I know, but I believe this is the original way of spelling his name in Anglo Saxon)  Muybridge is famous for his study of motion in film.    Though born in Surry England,Continue reading “A life in Motion – Muybridge”