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Going going GONE

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just one of the many mags I used to collect

I’ve been busy having a huge clear out at the moment.  I was amazed at  just how much rubbish I had held on to.  Of course it’s not all rubbish.  A lot of it is of sentimental value, like a tiny baby dress that belonged to our daughter,  holiday mementos, ornaments.  I have a lot of clothes that are now retro they are so old:) .  I can’t believe how tiny some of the belts were that I found.  Just another reminder of a middle age which I don’t even remember joining.  Perhaps someone enrolled me whilst I wasn’t looking:)

Sunburst mirror

I threw a LOT of home magazines away, lot and lots and lots went to the recycling plant to be recycled. I would like to think that perhaps some of them might be recycled into designs like this beautiful sunburst mirror.  If I had more time on my hands, perhaps I could have created a shelf like Sean Miller from Seattle who pasted this magazines together with cornstarch, left them to dry and harden under pressure, then carved out this shelf using a bandsaw!  

Sean Miller recycled bookshelf


Mirror available from here shelf info from here, Period Living image here