The Battle for Trafalgar begins (fourth plinth)

Yonka Shonibare's Nelson ship

As I wrote previously in this post, Yinka Shonbare’s Nelson’s Ship in a Bottle occupies the fourth plinth at moment in Trafalgar Square London UK.  Six other artist have been shortlisted and shall battle it out for the prestigious fourth plinth place when Shonibare has vacated it.  Who shall be the victor?

Katherina Fritsch

Among the artist are British artists Hew Locke and Brian Griffiths.  They shall compete against duos Jennifer Allora and Guillermo Calzadilla, Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset.  Katherina Fritsch and Mariele Neudecker have also made proposals.

I wrote a post featuring Fritsch’s work a while ago (seen here).  The other artists work, I am unfamiliar with but the people shall decide whose work shall go up in time for the  2012 Olympics.  miniature versions of the aforementioned artist’s work shall be displayed in the crypt of nearby St Martin’s in the field church and all shall be a sculpture!  Read all about this exciting prospect here!

Boneshaker Brian Griffiths

One of the artists (Brian Griffiths) has been described as a’ junk shop Viking’ which sounds eclectic and quirky enough to peak my interest.  Here’s some of his work at the Saatchi Gallery.

Dust to Dust sculpture Hew Locke

Edinburgh born artist Hew Locke’s work looks pretty interesting.  Read a short description of the all the artist work here

Hew Locke work here and in this gallery.  Fritsch image from here Shonibare image from here

8 thoughts on “The Battle for Trafalgar begins (fourth plinth)

  1. Interesting how the Fourth Plinth has become significant because of what is not on it. It seems whatever eventually gets chosen will have to take second place behind the concept of “Potential”.

    1. Good comment Al and I’d say that that was spot on too! What a prestigious place and shape shifter that fourth plinth is becoming. It’s already got it’s own history! I can see a book being brought out in the future ‘My Life as the Fourth Plinth’ 🙂

  2. Oh these all look interesting and innovative. Those ‘rats’ in a defensive circle are downright meancing–and yet–…hMMM. Fritsch has an certain perspective –is all her work like this pictured?

    1. Not really, Leslie, it will be interesting to see the miniature versions when they go on display. I wonder if the chosen one shall have some Olympic reference though?

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