Preserved in time – Otzi – the iceman

     There’s many ways a body can be preserved.  One is by peat, as we have seen with the bog bodies.  Another is by ice – which proved  the case with the oldest frozen body ever  found – 5,300 years old!. This body found high in the mountains between the borders of Italy and the Austrian hasContinue reading “Preserved in time – Otzi – the iceman”

Altered art book: page 21 continued

Continuing page 21 of my altered art book: ” She’d be laid out in her coffin, pink satin it’d be with blue trimmings to go with her make-up.” She sounds like the Late Barbera Cartland doesn’t she.  It seems the dead make a great effort to look their best (well, the undertaker does).  But whatContinue reading “Altered art book: page 21 continued”

Altered art book: page 21 Dark Days in the Coffin

page21 Continuing with my altered art book, I have now reached page 21.  I am still doing pages whose words were chosen a long time ago and for a particular reason.Though those original reasons are now lost, I am just going by what suggests itself to me, and I shall see what happens.  I chose quite a lotContinue reading “Altered art book: page 21 Dark Days in the Coffin”

Altered art book page 13 continued: Danse Macabre

Vanitas paintings take the form of still lifes, consisting of objects that symbolise death and love of human life and earthly pleasures.  The symbols used are mirrors, skulls, hourglasses, flowers, amongst others.  One of the most famous of the vanitas is Hans Holbein the Younger’s ‘The Ambassadors’. The skewed skull in the corner provides aContinue reading “Altered art book page 13 continued: Danse Macabre”

Altered art book page 13 A deadly reminder’

    page-13-altered book   The chosen words are: – ‘He listened to his father breathing’ ‘And made plans for that lonliness’     The Egytians made plans for their  death.  They left nothing to chance.    Sometimes a whole lifetime was dedicated to their own rememberence:   Egypt is full of these reminders.     page13-skeletonContinue reading “Altered art book page 13 A deadly reminder’”

Page 12 Altered art book continued Death wish: Don’t Fear the Reaper..

  page-12-moon       page 12 continued ‘He hid his own fears and wishes and only took them out in private under the eye of the moon..’ Fear of madness, fear of death, even fear of living in some cases, we all live with  fears and artists are no exception.  Some even exploit theirContinue reading “Page 12 Altered art book continued Death wish: Don’t Fear the Reaper..”