‘Teapots to have, to hold and to stroke’

 One of German born Surrealist Meret Oppenheim’s most famous pieces is this fur teacup and saucer.  Apparently she got the idea from Picasso who remarked when they were having tea together that anything could be covered with fur.  She obliged by producing the cup saucer and spoon.  the surrealist like to subvert incongruous texture and objects. Continue reading “‘Teapots to have, to hold and to stroke’”

Altered Art book: Page 23 The muffled voice

page-23 Page 23 of my altered art book.  It seems so long since I last did a page, lets hope I’m now on a roll lol!  I am very nearly near the end of the first ‘chapter’ (there are 3 altogether I think) and I am already having a problem closing this book! The text Continue reading “Altered Art book: Page 23 The muffled voice”

Altered art book page 13 A deadly reminder’

    page-13-altered book   The chosen words are: – ‘He listened to his father breathing’ ‘And made plans for that lonliness’     The Egytians made plans for their  death.  They left nothing to chance.    Sometimes a whole lifetime was dedicated to their own rememberence:   Egypt is full of these reminders.     page13-skeletonContinue reading “Altered art book page 13 A deadly reminder’”

Altered book: in the beginning

How the altered book first began life