Altered art book: page 21 continued

Continuing page 21 of my altered art book: ” She’d be laid out in her coffin, pink satin it’d be with blue trimmings to go with her make-up.” She sounds like the Late Barbera Cartland doesn’t she.  It seems the dead make a great effort to look their best (well, the undertaker does).  But whatContinue reading “Altered art book: page 21 continued”

Altered art book: page 21 Dark Days in the Coffin

page21 Continuing with my altered art book, I have now reached page 21.  I am still doing pages whose words were chosen a long time ago and for a particular reason.Though those original reasons are now lost, I am just going by what suggests itself to me, and I shall see what happens.  I chose quite a lotContinue reading “Altered art book: page 21 Dark Days in the Coffin”