I am a British Visual Arts graduate interested in everything and anything.  I don’t want to go into my Life story and although interested in politics, I don’t want to rant about them, there’s too many blogs doing that….. oh,  and I haven’t got a dog, so that’s that.   When I get some time I will add all the stuff that does interest me.
Note to me: Lynda you DID!  It’s called a Blog……
Update 11 months later;-  I have introduced lots of new categories since I started.  I’m not doing much art these days, but my interests still lie in that field.  I like to read, I like to create, I like to write my blog, I like to watch, listen, cook, socialise, go for little breaks, explore, and I still haven’t got a dog!
Update January 2010
Still here, still blogging, doing more art work – need to put it on here really.  Still not smoking (not 2 years yet).  Still creating, still watching, reading and listening and STILL haven’t got a dog.
Update:  Now added the ‘Echostains’ concept as a lot of people don’t realise that is it actually an ongoing  project.  I have more gallery images to add – but I shall do this a bit at a time.
I welcome comments as long as they relate to the subject written about.  I will answer all reasonable comments but I won’t bother if I find that the sender is using my space for free advertising.  For example – this is an art site, why would I be interested in advertising pension schemes or totally unrelated items?
Just another update.  There are many awards flying up and down  WordPress blogland.  I’ve even been offered a couple, but I’ve never accepted.  whilst the concept is a nice one, I can’t help but wonder at the clauses : e.g. give this to seven people etc.  i wouldn’t like to think I was being cultivated to make the numbers up : hideously old and cynical as I am :))  Another problem I have with this is having to select so many people to give these awards to.  Someone is going to be perhaps offended or hurt when they are left out.  My real reward is all the readers who read my blog, I go by my viewing figures and the comments I get.  From my stats I can see which posts are the most popular – and which aren’t and try to do something about it. 🙂
I always try to answer a comment. I feel that if someone has taken the time to comment, then it is only good manners to acknowledge in some way.  You would be amazed at how many people don’t bother to do this back.   The ‘Echostains’ concept is about communication – so it’s quite important to me to keep this two-way participation going.  Communication does not include swearing though, I don’t do it (on my blog anyway…) so I don’t like others to do it on my blog.  I certainly wouldn’t go on theirs and swear – it’s disrespectful. Nothing new to report really except my 500th post passed the other week.  So far I’ve blogged every day since November last year….only another………to go 🙂

Update 19th July 2010

Well, I did what I set out to do, that is to blog every day for a year.  And I’m more or less still at it 9old habits die hard).  I keep saying that there will be big changes around the blog, but I can’t seem to find the time to get round to it.

I would like to make it clear to commenters who leave abusive comments or other commenters who it is clear that they haven’t read the actual posts they are commenting on – you will not be published or acknowledged. 

And relax……:)


17 thoughts on “‘About’

  1. I found you looking for other interesting teapot makers. You’ve put together quite a nice collection of work. Thanks!

  2. Thanks Adrien! Just been looking on your blog, you have some nice work on there, regarding your interest in cats and Egyptology: have you ever seen a film called ‘the Cat people?’ (old film) quite inspiring. Also like the paint chips and the layering. I relate to the excavational which is what my art work is about, (the echo and the stain – communication) Will visit again!
    Kind Regards

  3. Echostains.. You are Lynda? Well, anyway, you have a great blog going here. And I see that you’re a visual artist. Let’s see some of it, sometime. How about this… I haven’t been too forthcoming about my own visual art background in my poetry blogging world. So I’ll “fess” up to it. http://www.robertterrell.com. I’ve had this website of my visual art now for almost 6 years. And I finally “broke” it.

    It needed to be broken, and reworked. I am an XHTML webdesigner, too. But I put off reworking it, because 125 pages is no easy thing. I’m in the middle of it now. 😦

    Ok, I’ve gone on too long here…

  4. Hello there Robert! I’m working on yet another blog for my art, not finished yet. I did put some on here, but a lot of people are not into abstract art, plus there was a lot to go into how the pieces came about. Another space seemed a good idea..
    The echostains concept is communication through different media (the original project) the ‘stain’ was the art and the echo was what it communicated to the viewer. I have put the project into galleries with explainations of each picture,. I will get round to putting into a cohesive blog ……eventually. I did have a website at one time called ‘echostains’ but that packed in, so I will be starting from the beginning again with the blog. I am going to have a look at yours Robert now! Thanks for visiting!

  5. Echo..I like that you respect art, its history, books, and culture in general. I think in a mild way, this does say something about your politics.

  6. Thanks artistatexit0! I suppose it does. Art is all around us, even in the rivers (which you have proved!) We must keep it alive (not that it needs much help 🙂 ) Thanks for your visits and valid comments – appreciated!

  7. e.s,
    a very fun, mixed bag of an attractive site. I love yr varied interests and visuals. I made you a fave so that i might return from time to time.
    Thanx and Keep on

  8. Thank you namelessneed 🙂 theres all sorts of stuff on here, mostly art based, lovely of you to put me in your favorites! Hope to see you back – your kind encourageement is much appreciated 🙂

  9. hi lynda,

    lovely blog about art, maybe you need check out my friend jeques from chicago. he’s also a good painter artist. and pablo, a modernist painter from nihilist art movement.

    i try to rekindle my painting, but i’ll have to start with the watercolor.

    marvin here

  10. Thanks Marvin! I will check out the artists you mention for my ‘Uncovered and discovered’ section (this is going to be a section of artists, even though they may be famous or not, have been discovered by me). I hope you do start painting again, sadly I can’t seem to find the time now. I keep making a start or someone gives me a little project, but mostly its writing and looking at art than actual painting now. Thanks for your kind comments they are most appreciated 🙂 I hope you will return 🙂

  11. Lynda, Haven’t had a chance to check out too much here, but will. I just have to say, though, that I am very sad that you STILL do not have a dog. My day would not be complete without my cute, loveable, little cockapoo greeting me when I get home.

    Also, I’m thinking about the Van Gogh challenge. I’m not really a poet, but if I can figure a way to make it fit the theme of my blog I will post one there with a link to that post. Peace, Linda

  12. Hheheh the dog is a suggestion by word Press regarding to what to write about:) Please go for the Van Gogh challenge Linda – everyone is a poet at heart! OR look at a few Haikus 5 words, 7 words, 5 words – just do whatever you feel and I will put it on! look forward to seeing it:) and thanks for visiting – appreciated!

  13. Love the Blake image. I found some drawings of Blake’s tucked away in Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery the other day. Fantastic…..and guaranteed to have ITV1 scriptwriters inspired to go tearing off to do the next serial killer drama! And an Imagination video to boot…great stuff……

    1. Sounds interesting richlakin – and intriguing! Blake is so dramatic and enigmatic, he would make a great eccentric detective himself:) You might well be on to something there! Cheers!

  14. Thanks, any and all help is greatly appreciated. Not really sure what I am doing on here, but I am trying. As long as it can be an outlet for me it is doing well in my book.

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