My Surfaces: ‘Alchemy’ page 4 Brown Sauce meets Latex

Continuing with the ‘Alchemy’ project I did a few years ago: The surfaces now are getting thicker.  1.  Brown sauce is mixed with cornflour and a water based clear varnish.   Brown sauce can be used to clean metal.  Some people clean coins with it.  I myself like the verdigris and patina of an old coinContinue reading “My Surfaces: ‘Alchemy’ page 4 Brown Sauce meets Latex”

My Surfaces: ‘Alchemy’ page 3 playing with the contents of an old make up bag

Continuing with the ‘Alchemy’ project I completed a few years ago, this page is about make – up (Old make up I may add).  I mean Charlie glitter????  Never throw anything away and you too can live in a tip like me lol!  Seriously, don’t ever put old make up on your skin..PAINT or experimentContinue reading “My Surfaces: ‘Alchemy’ page 3 playing with the contents of an old make up bag”

My Surfaces: ‘Alchemy’ page 2 Kitchen media

Continuing with the experimental project ‘Alchemy’; – The experiments on this page took place in the kitchen.  Soft pastel pigment mixed with washing up liquid (1) add vinegar (2) add cream kitchen cleaner (3) add crimson drawing ink (shellac based) (4).  Linseed refined oil added (6)

My Surfaces: Drawing journal ‘Gilding the Lily’

I love doodling with gold and silver ink pens, somehow the drawing just grows and grows, and I get more and more carried away!  This is good in a sense as it is free expression.  It must be said though that it doesn’t do to be too free.  I feel there must always be aContinue reading “My Surfaces: Drawing journal ‘Gilding the Lily’”

Scratching the Surface and other Crevices

I managed to get a new scanner today, so we’ll see how these images come out……  Given that its one that also prints and photocopies, I’m not expecting great things. Mmmm, thought so, as I expected, not a good result.  This image is very large though, I may have to shrink it or try toContinue reading “Scratching the Surface and other Crevices”