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My Surfaces: ‘Alchemy’ page 4 Brown Sauce meets Latex

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Continuing with the ‘Alchemy’ project I did a few years ago:

brown sauce latex and others

brown sauce latex and others


The surfaces now are getting thicker.  1.  Brown sauce is mixed with cornflour and a water based clear varnish.   Brown sauce can be used to clean metal.  Some people clean coins with it.  I myself like the verdigris and patina of an old coin though.  Here’s a roman ring I bought ages ago, which I never cleaned………  has mysteriously disappeared.

my roman ring has roamed away from me.

my roman ring has roamed away from me.

2.  Liquid latex was added to this mix.  Notice, Number 1. has cracked, yet number 2 hasn’t, this could be because of the latex.

3.  Pigment was then added to the mix.  All three surfaces required 2 days to dry.  These surfaces would be useful if you wished to embed objects into the work, or sprinkle beads or stuff into the surface.

4.  Filler (powder) and acrylic makes a good impasto.  The drying time is one day

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