My Surfaces: Life Drawing Journal

This is a life drawing journal I have decorated.  The first thing I do when I get a new journal is embellish it!  This one is painted with acrylic paint and felt tips.   The first journal I ever ‘decorated’ was this one: –     All I did was stick two pieces of plasterContinue reading “My Surfaces: Life Drawing Journal”

Scratching the Surface and other Crevices

I managed to get a new scanner today, so we’ll see how these images come out……  Given that its one that also prints and photocopies, I’m not expecting great things. Mmmm, thought so, as I expected, not a good result.  This image is very large though, I may have to shrink it or try toContinue reading “Scratching the Surface and other Crevices”

Altered book: in the beginning

How the altered book first began life