Bella Bellagio!

The Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas is beautifully  fabulous!  It was my absolute favorite of the hotels we managed to see (Luxor was second and then Mandeley).  The Italianate decor was beautiful, showing great attention to detail: very tasteful indeed, even down to the way the carpet was woven (very like old tapestries).  The quality of the place showsContinue reading “Bella Bellagio!”

But I could have told you Vincent – It’s your Birthday!

Today is the birthday of Vincent Van Gogh.  It’s a pity the man never lived to enjoy his fame.   Much has already been written about him already.  Van Gogh was an enigma, born miles before his time.  I think this is where the idea of the starving artist came from: the tortured soul suffering for hisContinue reading “But I could have told you Vincent – It’s your Birthday!”

Thanks for the Memory: I will take note

Well it’s back to earth for me now that the wedding is over.  I enjoyed Las Vegas, even though I thought I wouldn’t.  It was our first time in the States and I found it interesting though as a destination it wouldn’t have been my first choice.  I have always been drawn to the deepContinue reading “Thanks for the Memory: I will take note”

Mother of the Bride STILL fascinating!

Just a short one tonight, been very busy with my photos (took me hours).  We took about 300 for the week, but I also recorded short  bits of films (3 hours worth).  I’ve not got round to watching them yet, so I hope they’ve turned out ok! Here’s me with my fascinater on!  And I managedContinue reading “Mother of the Bride STILL fascinating!”

What happened in Vegas stays here! Why?

Last Friday, 20th March my daughter got married in Las Vegas.  The wedding was in the Little White Chapel.  It was their dream to get married in Vegas, so all we could do was go along with it lol!  None of us had ever been to the US before, so that itself was an experience. Continue reading “What happened in Vegas stays here! Why?”

Happy Birthday Dear William Morris

  The fabulous William Morris was born on this day 24th March 1834 -1896).  He will always be associated with the Pre Raphaelites and the Arts and Crafts Movement, and his Socialist values.  A famous quote of Morris was:- ” Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believeContinue reading “Happy Birthday Dear William Morris”

I’m a Square: It’s Official

It’s strange the way your face and body changes when you age isn’t it.  I used to do those quizes in magazines like ‘Jackie’ when I was a teenager and discovered I had an oval face.  Apparently, this was the face shape to be desired (well, in those days).  Now my face has turned decidedlyContinue reading “I’m a Square: It’s Official”