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Mother of the Bride STILL fascinating!

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me and my daughter before leaving the hotel

me and my daughter before leaving the hotel

Just a short one tonight, been very busy with my photos (took me hours).  We took about 300 for the week, but I also recorded short  bits of films (3 hours worth).  I’ve not got round to watching them yet, so I hope they’ve turned out ok!



Here’s me with my fascinater on!  And I managed to keep it on all day too.  Mind you, I wasn’t exactly leaping around – not in those shoes!

All wrapped up and ready

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Well everything is almost in place for the wedding.  I have more or less got everything together.  My fascinator is fascinating (now I have more of an idea how to wear it), and away I will go!

The Bride’s Mother: A Fascinating Creature

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how fascinating can you get

Well it’s going to have to happen soon, I am going to have to buy Mother of the Bride clothes.  I’ve already had a look at some of em, and I can’t say I’m impressed.  I wouldn’t wear these in real life, I REFUSE to wear them in Vegas.  I shall not be wearing a hat.  I love hats, with my flat head, but no,I will be wearing a ‘fascinater’ apparently.  Now, come ON, I’m fascinating enough surely?  (I flatter myself because no one else will).

1840-early-victorian wedding dress

  At least the Wedding dress is sorted, and it’s gorgeous!  My own wedding dress was a white lace number with big puffy sleeves.  I’ve still got it,  I’ll never get into it again, (I had a job getting into it in the first place!).  Wedding dresses have certainly changed down the years.  I remember a seeing this Charlotte Bronte dress in the Bronte Parsonage Museum, Haworth, Yorkshire.  It was tiny, but then so was she.  I don’t think it was a wedding dress  as such.


 This interesting web site shows how Wedding dresses have changed through the years.