Thanks for the Memory: I will take note

the little white chapel
the little white chapel

Well it’s back to earth for me now that the wedding is over.  I enjoyed Las Vegas, even though I thought I wouldn’t.  It was our first time in the States and I found it interesting though as a destination it wouldn’t have been my first choice.  I have always been drawn to the deep South, Louisiana, New Orleans.  I am interested in the history of slavery, plantations, voodoo and the swamps!  New York City, Chicago, Boston don’t interest me much, I feel I have some kind of affinity with the South for some reason.

deep-south: any of these would do me please!
deep-south: any of these would do me please!

One of the favourable things I did notice about Americans was their politeness when they were giving service, indeed most people, including tourists were friendly.  From what I could see, the people work hard, and they take their jobs seriously, no matter how menial.  I found this a refreshing change to how we view our jobs, moaning on, cutting corners, can’t be bothered attitude.  There was a time of course when we were just like the Americans in their attitude towards the public and giving quality service.  Manners seem to be a thing of the past now for us now.   We seem to have lost our enthusiasm for things and  though it’s sad to see it, lets hope a new appreciation  of our job, and the realisation of how lucky we are to actually have a job comes out of this recession.

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