Wooh show a leg (if you like that sort of thing)

  What  exactly are ‘Flight Socks’?   They look to me to be tight popsocks that grip your legs in a vice like way!  Apparently they keep you from getting a deep vein thrombosis.  Aren’t they expensive though for what they are?  They are  Norah Batty gone wrong!  Now, perhaps if Norah would have worn them,Continue reading “Wooh show a leg (if you like that sort of thing)”

My Surfaces: ‘Alchemy’ page 2 Kitchen media

Continuing with the experimental project ‘Alchemy’; – The experiments on this page took place in the kitchen.  Soft pastel pigment mixed with washing up liquid (1) add vinegar (2) add cream kitchen cleaner (3) add crimson drawing ink (shellac based) (4).  Linseed refined oil added (6)

My Surfaces: ‘Alchemy’ page 1 Cocktail of delight!

Alchemy project where unusual media was expermented with. For some reason or other, I seem to have had a lot of different alcohol in: hence the experiments… Starting with pearlescent ink (1) I then added cherry brandy (2).  Keeping with the ink I added whiskey (3) note: quick drying (probably the alcohol) Starting with acrylic,Continue reading “My Surfaces: ‘Alchemy’ page 1 Cocktail of delight!”

My Surfaces: Alchemy

In the ‘Alchemy’ project, the objective was to experiment with unusual media.  Of course I had a field day!  This is the cover, which consists of two cardboard covers (back and front).  The pages are held in place with a big clamp. The media use  consists of silver paper rolled up and shaped into theContinue reading “My Surfaces: Alchemy”

All Wrapped up and Ready to Go!

I had a body wrap yesterday.  It was great!  It is the nearest I’ll get to being an ancient Egyptian in this life time.  I lost 13 inches and am still detoxing.  The clay has a very healing effect.  Ater you are wrapped in the warm wet bandages, a sort of space suit is providedContinue reading “All Wrapped up and Ready to Go!”

Transcription: page 29 and 30

Continuing with my Transcription of ‘Snow White and her Stepmother’ by Paula Rego, page 29 Using an idea that I used in ‘The Lute Player’, which was inspired by Picasso’s ‘Seated Woman’, I have used a basket weave and various pattern making to translate the shape of the stepmothers body.  I was trying for aContinue reading “Transcription: page 29 and 30”