Love in the Penguin Dust

I came across this poet and this poem when I was researching an essay about the infamous Chelsea Hotel and past residents.  Angry young men like Dylan Thomas, Brendon Behan: The 1957 – 1964 Beat generation of angry young men like writer Jack Kerouac, William Burroughs – poets Alan Ginsberg and Gregory Corso (b. USA 1930Continue reading “Love in the Penguin Dust”

I’m a Square: It’s Official

It’s strange the way your face and body changes when you age isn’t it.  I used to do those quizes in magazines like ‘Jackie’ when I was a teenager and discovered I had an oval face.  Apparently, this was the face shape to be desired (well, in those days).  Now my face has turned decidedlyContinue reading “I’m a Square: It’s Official”