‘Winding down the year’

Well the year’s very nearly over.  Is it just me, or does this decade seem the shortest decade ever?  It seems only yesterday that we celebrated the Millenium.  It’s frightening how life is galloping on, and the pace seems more and more frantic the older I get. There is a feeling of winding down asContinue reading “‘Winding down the year’”


Yes that’s right!  This is my 300th post since I began blogging on 28th November 2008!  What on earth have I found to blog  about every day? (well very nearly every day).  Well some days lots and other days, not so much.  But I have got into a routine now and I don’t want to spoilContinue reading “My 300th Post! YIPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!”

Cool Places: The Minus 5 Ice Bar, Mandalay Hotel, Las Vegas Navada USA

Just a quick one before going out.  Spent most of the day painting (as in painting and decorating).  All white paint in my hair (at least I THINK it’s white paint…lol!).  The colour scheme? not mine I may add….white paint on white paint.  I’ve got that snow blindness or whatever you call it.  Antarctic.   I’dContinue reading “Cool Places: The Minus 5 Ice Bar, Mandalay Hotel, Las Vegas Navada USA”

My 180th Post: A Labour of Love? or a Love of Wittering on?

Well its my 180th post!  I have only missed 4 days since I started at the end of November last year.  What do I find to write about every day?  Well, not a lot sometimes I admit, but I still manage a paragraph or two.  What do I expect to gain from doing it?  IContinue reading “My 180th Post: A Labour of Love? or a Love of Wittering on?”

Go Ahead and Roam in Caesars Palace

Some of the hotels and arcades are fantastic in Las Vegas, some, well a bit tacky.  Caesars Palace was a not bad one though.  Wall to wall designer shops (Italian of course).  The false sky however I think, is a bad idea as it always seems to be gloomy, even though it’s cracking the flagsContinue reading “Go Ahead and Roam in Caesars Palace”

Bella Bellagio!

The Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas is beautifully  fabulous!  It was my absolute favorite of the hotels we managed to see (Luxor was second and then Mandeley).  The Italianate decor was beautiful, showing great attention to detail: very tasteful indeed, even down to the way the carpet was woven (very like old tapestries).  The quality of the place showsContinue reading “Bella Bellagio!”

Thanks for the Memory: I will take note

Well it’s back to earth for me now that the wedding is over.  I enjoyed Las Vegas, even though I thought I wouldn’t.  It was our first time in the States and I found it interesting though as a destination it wouldn’t have been my first choice.  I have always been drawn to the deepContinue reading “Thanks for the Memory: I will take note”

Mother of the Bride STILL fascinating!

Just a short one tonight, been very busy with my photos (took me hours).  We took about 300 for the week, but I also recorded short  bits of films (3 hours worth).  I’ve not got round to watching them yet, so I hope they’ve turned out ok! Here’s me with my fascinater on!  And I managedContinue reading “Mother of the Bride STILL fascinating!”