Take a Break – It’s Sunday!

As usual it’s that time again.  I have been so busy today that I’m writing this fairly late, though I’m scheduling.  I have loads to write about next week, Bronte stuff, teapots and Favorite art……………… and I’m sure there’s a certain artist’s birthday coming up that I want to celebrate…

Nights (and days) on the Toon (Newcastle) Beamish Shops

You can go into all the old shops in Beamish.  Here’s a few pics; Even the prices were right! The assistant in the Co Op was a lovely German student, who spoke excellent English and was very informative!  All the food labels are printed from the original! All the buildings are amazing, and the PrintContinue reading “Nights (and days) on the Toon (Newcastle) Beamish Shops”

Beamish – More pics from the Open Air Museum!

Still continuing with the pics from our Newcastle trip and more pictures of Beamish the open air museum set n the rolling countryside of County Durham.  We stopped off here on our way back to Manchester.  Although we spent most of the day there, we didn’t see half of the place, – it’s just vastContinue reading “Beamish – More pics from the Open Air Museum!”

Nights (and Days) on the Toon (Newcastle):Yet Still Beaming about Beamish!

Continuing with our visit to Beamish, the open air museum, set in 300 acres of County Durham countryside………………………. Beamish step inside these houses It was all aboard the tram to see the town.  All the buildings are real, the houses are real houses and you can go into them and the shops.  Inside are peopleContinue reading “Nights (and Days) on the Toon (Newcastle):Yet Still Beaming about Beamish!”

Happy Birthday Man Ray!

It’s American Surrealist photographer Man Ray’s birthday today.  Born in 1890 -1976: original name Emmanuel Radnitzky, is best known for his work as a photographer though he thought of himself as a painter. He contributed to the Surrealist and Dada movements and was reknown as a fashion and portrait photographer.  He liked to refer to  theseContinue reading “Happy Birthday Man Ray!”

Bread is back on the Menu!

I’m making bread (in my Breadmaker, I may add).  The idea has been fermenting in my head for the past couple of days….so I am now rising to the occasion lol! (yes I know, very BAD and very Lame……….but I digress). I used love my breadmaker, and made all sorts.  I must say though, IContinue reading “Bread is back on the Menu!”

Days (and Nights) on the Toon (Newcastle); Still Beaming from visiting Beamish!

On the way back from our Newcastle trip, we just had to drop off at Beamish.  Beamish is an open air museum dedicated to portraying the history of working class people of the North East. Set in 300 acres of countryside in County Durham, Beamish is a time travel trip – backwards!  We’ve always wanted to go, and we wasn’tContinue reading “Days (and Nights) on the Toon (Newcastle); Still Beaming from visiting Beamish!”

Cool Design: Tord Boontje

These unusual designs are from Dutch born, London based product designer Tord Boontje.  His influences are nature itself.  In his earlier work ‘Rough and Ready Furniture he recycled from old wood giving the furniture a very organic feel.   Amidst the playfulness, there is a huge amount of craftsmanship. He uses a variety of materials including steel……  IContinue reading “Cool Design: Tord Boontje”