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Teapots – A Home for birds? An Excuse for a Party? Or the Watched Kettle which never boils.

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Canned Tea  Rollie Younger

Canned Tea Rollie Younger


There’s a whole lot of serious teapot here!   This teapot looks like it doubles up as a kettle as well.  It;s got a bit of a billie can feel to it: waltzing Matilda anyone?

Boston Tea Party by Steve Hansen


Boston Tea Party by Steve Hansen

Absolutely LOVE this Boston Tea Party pot!  (what a swell party that WAS….) It looks like it’s been cobbled together from found objects.  The nuts and bolts are such an original touch and perfectly in keeping with the design.

Birdcage 11 by Eunjung Park


Birdcage 11 by Eunjung Park

Which bird wouldn’t want to live in this sprouting flowering teapot?


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