Beamish – More pics from the Open Air Museum!

Beamish town
Beamish town

Still continuing with the pics from our Newcastle trip and more pictures of Beamish the open air museum set n the rolling countryside of County Durham.  We stopped off here on our way back to Manchester.  Although we spent most of the day there, we didn’t see half of the place, – it’s just vast and there wasn’t enough time.

Beamish kitchen range
Beamish kitchen range

The town part is amazing and you can go into all the buildings and shops.  There’s a bank, a printers, confectioners (who make home made sweets on the premises), unfortuately this was so packed out that we couldn’t get pictures.

 making firelighters
making firelighters

There’s a bank, a printers, a working pub, a Co Operative store.  There’s a garage and a tea rooms!  So much to see and not enough time to see it in.

Beamish typical Victorian Parlour
Beamish typical Victorian Parlour

As well as the town, there’s also Pockerly Manor.  I would have really liked to see that!  Also the colliery village, a home farm, a Waggonway, as well as a railway and museum!!!

Coming tomorrow – ‘Inside the shops of Beamish’

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