Happy Christmas and New Year!

In my usual tradition, here is the round up of featured posts for 2011.  It’s been a pretty tubulent year personally for me and I haven’t blogged as much as I usually do – but my New Year resolution is to do so, so get ready for more eclectic mixes of art, design and quirkyness! Continue reading “Happy Christmas and New Year!”

The forever changing face of women in art (and film)

As promised, I have found a video featuring famous paintings of women in art.   As an added bonus, this video also includes many old film stars, as well as contemporary women stars of stage and screen.  There were several videos to choose from, but I have chosen this one because of the astounding amount of women thoughtContinue reading “The forever changing face of women in art (and film)”

Cheesy Art

Theres quite a few artists that work with dairy products like butter and cheese.  this piece of art was created for the Great British Cheese Festival in Cardiff.  The sculpture is of Cardiff Castle and this time-lapse video shows how it was done.  I suppose the cheese must have to be kept at a certain temperature to make itContinue reading “Cheesy Art”