Cheesy Art

Theres quite a few artists that work with dairy products like butter and cheese.  this piece of art was created for the Great British Cheese Festival in Cardiff.  The sculpture is of Cardiff Castle and this time-lapse video shows how it was done.  I suppose the cheese must have to be kept at a certain temperature to make it workable.

The sculpture by the way is made of Welsh cheese of course and I should imagine the cows in the background are Welsh also….. though it’s hard to make it out 🙂

Video by BritishCheeseFest

8 thoughts on “Cheesy Art

    1. I wonder how long it takes him to make a sandwich 🙂 I love the way he put the tiles on the roof, very intricate. I bet the whole thing took hours and hours. Very talented indeed!

  1. Cheese is actually an interesting material to make sculpture from! In my undergraduate school, many of the poor art students used to receive free food commodities via the federal government. Among the items was this awful processed cheese we called Reagan Cheese. We organized a cheese art contest and the winning artwork was a realistic lizard carved from the block of cheese. Have you seen the artworks made from butter?

  2. I saw a food sculptor work, once, with sugar cubes as well as cheese and ice. These works do take time. What amazed me was that I enjoyed watching him create and was awed more by his skill than had I just viewed the finished product of his hand.

  3. I love these food sculptures, there’s a lot of skill involved in sculpting them. The ice ones are amazing too! Also, with materials like butter, cheese and ice, they must have to work quite fast due to the perishable quality. Impressive!
    I too like watching how the artist ‘creates’ too Leslie, that’s why your painting explanations are so invaluable and add to the enjoyment!

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