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Happy Christmas and New Year!


In my usual tradition, here is the round up of featured posts for 2011.  It’s been a pretty tubulent year personally for me and I haven’t blogged as much as I usually do – but my New Year resolution is to do so, so get ready for more eclectic mixes of art, design and quirkyness!  I wish you all a very happy Christmas and a bright New Year!

Which Witch? (Hallowe’en Poll)

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Witches Flying by Goya

It’s Halloween tonight in England and if you look up into the darkened sky you will see that it is crowded with witches.  That’s not the sound of the traffic you can hear – that’s the witches cackling as they go about their business (whatever that is,,,) 

Witch-Riding-Backwards-On-A-Goat Albrecht DurerWitch riding backwards on a goat Albrecht Durer (1471 - 1578) engraving 1500

 Witches have been depicted in many paintings.  The old impression of a witch is of an old dear with a warty nose riding a broomstick.  But that has not always been the case, and today the Wicked Witch of the West persona has been replaced by a more sexy glamorous image.

The Witches Sabbath Arthur Rackham (original illustration but not used in The Legend of Sleepy Hollow; 1924 Pen ink watercolour


 So, for a bit of fun and because it’s Halloween here are some random witches.  Which witch do you like best and why?

I have to admit – I like them all.  But there’s something distinctly creepy about the Goya painting.  Not only is it very well painted of course, but it seems to have a supernatural aura about it, as if Goya had actually witnessed these witches trying to fly:-0.  I get the impression that they tried several times before they actually took to the air.  I liken the impression to looking at a group of accrobats practising their performance:-D  Very unsettling indeed from the very dark Goya in his ‘Black’ paintings period’

Witchcraft by Jacques de Gheyn II


David Teniers the Younger


The Night Hag visiting the Lapland Witches by Fuseli 1796


Witches in the air Goya (1746 – 1828) painting 1797/98 here  Witch riding backwards on a goat Albrecht Durer (1471 – 1578) engraving 1500 here  The Witches Sabbath Arthur Rackham (1967 – 1939)  here  Jacques de Gheyn II image here  David Teniers the Younger here  Night hag visiting the Lapland witches here Fuseli here

PS There’s a lovely Memorial Haiku page over on the HAIKUDOODLE blog.  Please remember loved ones and contribute a Haiku 🙂

PPS Theres another wonderful poem on the Weeping Woman Why do you Weep? poetry challenge over on my Bookstains.  Just click the painting to read or maybe join in

‘Poll – Never a Truer word was said..’

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There are lots of wonderful art quotes around.  Some artists are more eloquent and verbose or wittier than others – Picasso, for example could fill a book with his quotes (but more on this artist coming soon….). 


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 Without letting the art work influence you, I would like you to pick your favorite ‘truth’ from these 6 quotes.  Although all true, the one that I like the most has to be Camille Pissarro as this shows the artist’s eye to see beauty in everyday things and elevates them from the mundane into the profound.

But, then again – who could disagree with Chagall‘s reasoning about art picking up where nature ends – like it’s a natural progression?

I also like the idea of Matisse painting the ‘difference’ between things rather than the object.  It is this difference which makes great art.

 I cannot argue with a Leonardo Da Vinci quote (which isnt in the poll) when he’s says that painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt – and poetry is felt rather than seen.  See for yourself by pressing Mona Lisa, reading the poems dedicated to her – and maybe take part yourself:)

PS  Another has been added today!


Quotes from Here and Here.

Pissarro image here Chagall image here Dali image here  Matisse image from here
Blake image here


Poll: -Who do you LOVE?

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 I’ve now completed 622 posts!  In all those posts I have never yet tried the poll application out.  That is about to be remedied!  Anyone who reads this blog regularly will know that I have featured some rather unusual artists.  But which artist have you enjoyed the most?  These aren’t really famous artists (like Freud, Hirst etc).  they are artists who have chosen either unusual media to present their art or just have an unusual way of looking at the world.  As with most things in life – Art is subjective and everyone has their own personal taste. This poll is just for fun and just because some artists may not receive any or many votes – it doesn’t mean that their art is undermined.  It just means that not many people are reading this or voting:)

Please feel free to make leave a comment about why you like the art of one particular artist:)

 I’ll start with half a dozen artists, but I will create some more of these polls if this one  is successful!

If you are unfamiliar with the art of these artists just click on the images of their work to read the posts I have done about them.

Kathy Waggoner 'The Taster'

Berlinde de Bruyckere sculpture

Zena Holloway underwater artist

Lui Bolin is somewhere in this image

Emma Hack camouflage artist making people look like paintingsProjected art - watch the short movie to see the happening


Projected art - watch the short movie to see the happening