Happy Birthday Max Ernst!!

Max Ernst born 1891- 1976 was a Surrealist artist. Born in Germany, he became a Naturalised American in 1948 and French in 1958. He was prolific in painting, sculpture, poetry and graphic art and a leading light and pioneer in his artistic approach to Surrealism and Dadaism. A lot of information about the artist andContinue reading “Happy Birthday Max Ernst!!”

Discovered and Uncovered Dani Dodge

 Art is an accident waiting to happen – well it is in my case, as I hope to get back to actually doing some art very soon!  But, talking of accidents, I accidentally came across this artist whilst looking for something else (I love these sort of accidents).  American artist Dani Dodge (great name) onlyContinue reading “Discovered and Uncovered Dani Dodge”

Strange Media

I came across this interesting video the other day about unusual art media.  the video is longer than the usual ones I include, but there are so many unusual materials used: butter, chewing gum, pencils, topiary, cheese, that it really held my interest.  Favorites of mine were (from the cake section) were the treasure chest,Continue reading “Strange Media”

It’s Back! Altered Book page 24 Waiting Behind the Door

Yes it’s back (after 5 months absence) and I WILL finish it eventually!  I actually completed another page today and I fully intend to crack on with it.  One of the problems I have been turning over is how to display these pages.  I may do a slide show of them.  That may solve theContinue reading “It’s Back! Altered Book page 24 Waiting Behind the Door”

Altered art book: page 17 Junk for Sale

Continuing my Altered art book: page 17, the words chosen are: – and The streets smelt of simmering green vegetables and gas leaks… stained green sofa ‘Didn’t realise it was for sale’ Everything is for sale Inside the room was such a concentration of junk as he’d never seen before……. Strange words eh? ‘simmering greenContinue reading “Altered art book: page 17 Junk for Sale”