Discovered and Uncovered Dani Dodge

Tell It Slant

 Art is an accident waiting to happen – well it is in my case, as I hope to get back to actually doing some art very soon!  But, talking of accidents, I accidentally came across this artist whilst looking for something else (I love these sort of accidents).  American artist Dani Dodge (great name) only started painting in 2004, she had worked as a reporter for 20 years and was with the First Marine Expeditionary Unit in Iraq.  She won a  Pulitzer Prize for National Reporting in 2006, where she was part of a team.  She may have  left journalism in 2008 but her storytelling carries on in art form.

Anyone who knows anything about me, my art and what I like will be able to see why I like this very mixed media type of art!  Dodge works with an eclectic mix of  media, multi layering acrylic paint, collage, ink, paper etc on to canvas.  The results are revelations of the very human condition.

Down time
I would describe her work as Abstract narrative expressionism.  Every picture does indeed tell  a story in these colourful and meaningful pieces.  The artist explains her urge to work in this way in her statement;-

The drive to tell stories of humanity runs deep within me. I worked many years as a journalist and fulfilled that need with words. After covering the war in Iraq, it became clear to me that words were not enough – I needed something more expressive and powerful.

I discovered painting, which has consumed me ever since. Now I layer different materials to tell tales of loneliness, joy, pain and triumph – in short, of being human. I venture beyond objects and objectivity in search of the elusive truth of our individual and collective soul as I paint outside the lines.

Passion for Playing

The artist does painting demonstrations and teaches workshops.  She also has her own arts blog an arts blog for Voice of San Diego. where she write about the artists she meets.  Multi layered, painterly, expressive and original. 

I like – very much 🙂

Images from Dani Dodge website with thanks!
Read her blog here

14 thoughts on “Discovered and Uncovered Dani Dodge

  1. Oooh! I also like her art very much! I’m envious of her skill. I’ll have to try and steal, err . . . borrow, elements of her style.

    Thanks, Lynda for posting this!

  2. Wow! You are coming up with wonderful artists to inspire us and push us, Lynda. Thank you so much! I like the idea of mixed media used well. These are awesome! Hope you begin painting and creating again! I just know whatever you do will inspire me.

    1. I’m glad you are really liking these Leslie 🙂 I have several ideas at the moment – but its just finding the time Leslie! Already this year is a quarter of the way through – so much to do but I keep getting bogged down with other stuff, I can’t seem to get started :-0

  3. I do like these. The slight blurring of the lines gives a sense of movement to the figures. A new artist for me too, and I agree, a great name!

  4. I like the blurring too (and the layering) I find this type of work very iexpressive 🙂 glad you like it too Jessica – looking forward to more work by this artist 🙂

  5. Thanks so much for the wonderful comments about my work! It was such a surprise to come across as I was doing a Google search for something else. I will be teaching a class on using mixed media at the San Diego Watercolor Society in November.

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