It’s Maurice De Vlaminck’s Birthday – Raw Power

Maurice de Vlaminck (b. 1876-1958 Paris, France). was one of the original founders of a group of artists called the Fauvists. The small group of artists, whose members included Henry Matisse and Andre Derain used pure of vibrant colour, this caused them to be named ‘Fauves’ (wild beasts) by art critic Louis Vauxcelles after seeing their paintings in a controversial exhibition ‘Salon d’ Automne’ in 1905.

Expressive brushwork and use of brilliant colour are earmarks of Vlaminck’s work. He was greatly impressed by Vincent Van Gogh’s work and later Paul Cezanne. An interesting artist and individual which I have wrote more posts about.

Tugboats on the Seine, Chatou 1905

‘What I could have done in real life only by throwing a bomb which would have led to the scaffold, I tried to achieve in painting by using colour of maximum purity. In this way I satisfied my urge to destroy old conventions, to disobey in order to recreate a tangible, living and liberated world.’

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‘Tugboats on the Seine, Chatou 1906 Here

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