Watched: ‘Life After People’

I watched a very strange documentary on the History Channel the other night.  It was called ‘Life after people’.  I was watching episode 2 ‘Outbreak’.  It begins with the Royal corgies.  It’s 3 weeks after people (have all died) and those corgies are going wild!  with no one to feed them they are having to forageContinue reading “Watched: ‘Life After People’”

Watched: ‘The Antiques Roadshow’ Charlotte’s Bronte’s Bible Speaks!

Was watching The Antiques Roadshow, which, this week came from Blackpool Tower.  I watch it from time to time, but I especially wanted to watch it yesterday because it featured Charlotte Bronte’s Sunday school bible.  Bought from a dealer in the 1920s or 30s for 50.00, the bible is crammed packed with tiny notes by Charlotte.  TheContinue reading “Watched: ‘The Antiques Roadshow’ Charlotte’s Bronte’s Bible Speaks!”

300 Posts and Still Celebrating!

Let the celebrations continue – that’s what I say!  Amongst my categories are ‘Potty about Teapots’, this is where I try to find unusual teapots that have particularly unusual and aesthetically pleasing designs (in my opinion), or they are made from unusual materials.  ‘Bronte Bites’ are little snippets about the Bronte’s that I find interesting. Continue reading “300 Posts and Still Celebrating!”


Yes that’s right!  This is my 300th post since I began blogging on 28th November 2008!  What on earth have I found to blog  about every day? (well very nearly every day).  Well some days lots and other days, not so much.  But I have got into a routine now and I don’t want to spoilContinue reading “My 300th Post! YIPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!”

Antony Gormley’s One and Other: More

I managed to catch half an hour of the live streaming on Sky Arts tonight.  Presented as usual by Clive Anderson, the guest commentator was Dan Cruickshank.  His top 5 were  Nicholas Cornwall who spent his hour putting sticking written names of people around the plinth: a kind reminder not to forget them perhaps? HikerContinue reading “Antony Gormley’s One and Other: More”

Watched: The Hairy Bikers (Better late than Never!)

Recently, I’ve discovered the Hairy Bikers (BBC2).  Yes I know they’ve been going a while, but I’ve only just latched on to them (they don’t call me Ten Years after for nothing…).  I did see a programme last year where they went to Morrocco and were cooking in a Tagine.  Excited by this, I rushedContinue reading “Watched: The Hairy Bikers (Better late than Never!)”

The Sound of Silence (part two) Van Eyck and De Hooch

Continuing my short essay ‘The Sound of Silence: Vermeer’ HERE Fellow Dutch artist Jan Van Eyck c.1395 – 1441, an exceptionally talented and highly paid painter.  He became a court painter to the Duke Philip of Burgundy and was very highly esteemed by him.  One of his most famous paintings is ‘The Arnolfini portrait’ (or marriage) 1434 whichContinue reading “The Sound of Silence (part two) Van Eyck and De Hooch”

Art I LOVE:The Sound of Silence – Vermeer

Sometimes the sound of silence can actually be very informative.  I’m talking of course about the sort of silent narrative that some of the old Master’s used to convey quietness, closeness and intimacy.  Dutch artist Johannes Vermeer (c.1632 -1675) is a good example of capturing the private moment and sharing it with you.   When you lookContinue reading “Art I LOVE:The Sound of Silence – Vermeer”