Jane Eyre’s beginnings

      Anyone who has read Gaskill’s Life of Charlotte Bronte will know that Charlotte accompanied her father Patrick Bronte to Manchester when he underwent a successful cataract operation.  Mr Wilson a famous oculist recommended comfortable lodgings which were ran by a former servant of his. The lodging house has long gone, but theContinue reading “Jane Eyre’s beginnings”

Fairytale books of many colours: A Phase that has Lasted

I am the sort of person that if I read something and I like it, and the way that it’s been written, I shall then proceed to read as much as possible by the same author.  So consequently, when I first discovered libraries I read one of the Andrew Lang Fairytale books (can’t remember which colour) whichContinue reading “Fairytale books of many colours: A Phase that has Lasted”

Watched: ‘The Antiques Roadshow’ Charlotte’s Bronte’s Bible Speaks!

Was watching The Antiques Roadshow, which, this week came from Blackpool Tower.  I watch it from time to time, but I especially wanted to watch it yesterday because it featured Charlotte Bronte’s Sunday school bible.  Bought from a dealer in the 1920s or 30s for 50.00, the bible is crammed packed with tiny notes by Charlotte.  TheContinue reading “Watched: ‘The Antiques Roadshow’ Charlotte’s Bronte’s Bible Speaks!”

Haworth Revisited

It’s been yet another sunny day!  I can’t quite believe it.  Now why couldn’t it have been like this when we went to Haworth last week?  Here’s another couple of pics we took in that wuthering place:- disconcerting Bronte bronzes  More posts about Haworth Staying at Wuthering Heights (as one does) Did the REAL CharlotteContinue reading “Haworth Revisited”

Did the REAL Charlotte Bronte Just Stand up?

This is a follow up to my post called ‘Will the Real Charlotte Bronte Please Stand up? ‘ This was written a while ago.  I tried to establish what Charlotte Bronte really looked like (and didn’t get anywhere lol!)  This subject still fascinates me though, so I was intrigued to read recently that James Gorin VonContinue reading “Did the REAL Charlotte Bronte Just Stand up?”

Looking back, Over my Shoulder….

Last night I found myself looking back over my old posts….and wondering what I was thinking of!  Quite a lot, so it seems.  Some of these posts have such a lot in them.  Seems a shame that they’re now confined to the archives.  So;   A Cornish Garden (Barbera Hepworth) Altered Art Book page 23Continue reading “Looking back, Over my Shoulder….”

The Bride’s Mother: A Fascinating Creature

Well it’s going to have to happen soon, I am going to have to buy Mother of the Bride clothes.  I’ve already had a look at some of em, and I can’t say I’m impressed.  I wouldn’t wear these in real life, I REFUSE to wear them in Vegas.  I shall not be wearing aContinue reading “The Bride’s Mother: A Fascinating Creature”