The Bride’s Mother: A Fascinating Creature

how fascinating can you get

Well it’s going to have to happen soon, I am going to have to buy Mother of the Bride clothes.  I’ve already had a look at some of em, and I can’t say I’m impressed.  I wouldn’t wear these in real life, I REFUSE to wear them in Vegas.  I shall not be wearing a hat.  I love hats, with my flat head, but no,I will be wearing a ‘fascinater’ apparently.  Now, come ON, I’m fascinating enough surely?  (I flatter myself because no one else will).

1840-early-victorian wedding dress

  At least the Wedding dress is sorted, and it’s gorgeous!  My own wedding dress was a white lace number with big puffy sleeves.  I’ve still got it,  I’ll never get into it again, (I had a job getting into it in the first place!).  Wedding dresses have certainly changed down the years.  I remember a seeing this Charlotte Bronte dress in the Bronte Parsonage Museum, Haworth, Yorkshire.  It was tiny, but then so was she.  I don’t think it was a wedding dress  as such.


 This interesting web site shows how Wedding dresses have changed through the years.

3 thoughts on “The Bride’s Mother: A Fascinating Creature

  1. Hi ,
    Its Charlottes going away dress ,,there is a replica of her wedding dress at the parsonage but I dont think its often on displ;ay now and I cant find a postcard of it either,,it does come up if you google it though ,,,I dont know why the going away dress is such a dark colour ,,maybe she didnt want it to show mud or maybe she was in half mourning still ,,but I doubt it was mourning as her wedding dress is quite a pretty cream floral cotton one,,theres no original dress as Arthur Bell nichols gave it a relative ot get married ion but told her to burn it afterwards ,, he preserved a lot of the Brotnes belongings and sketchs note books etc but I suppose this was too personal for him to want it to be displayed anywhere ,He was always upset by the souvenier hunters ,,Even before Patrick Brontes death ,,the old Brotne rave marker from the church with the sisters names on it had to be broken into pieces and bureid in the Parsonage garden to stop souvneier hunters taking pieces of it

  2. It must have been bewildering for the poor old Rev who had pinned all his hopes on Branwell, to suddenly have a famous daughter. Can you image the souvenir hunters getting hold of that dress :-0
    Perhaps age has darkened the going away dress. it’s so sad when colours fade on clothes and you can only imagine what they looked like.

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