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The Bronte’s Personal effects

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George III mahogany desk formerly belonging to Charlotte Bronte

I was interested  to hear about a desk, purported to have belonged to Charlotte Bronte and a Geometry set and art box belonging to Emily.  They were auctioned off at Sotherby’s (see the results on the Bronte Blog HERE.  The owner William Law was a keen collector of Bronte memorabilia and bought directly from Rev. Arthur Bell Nicholls.

Emily Bronte's art box

I did see a writing set  at  the Bronte Parsonage Museum in September last year, but frustratingly I can’t remember whose they were,  (Our trip HERE).  I do think personally owned articles like this set the owner in context and bring their lives alive for Bronte followers.  Sadly, personal Bronteana is very rare now and it is not very often that these kind of items come up for auction.  It does make me think though: how many people  still own Bronteana – that people will never get the opportunity to see?  Perhaps these items shall be guarded and treasured or perhaps future generations will sell them or even just loan  to the Bronte Museum for us all to enjoy, – I hope so..

Bronte writing desk detail

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The Bride’s Mother: A Fascinating Creature

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how fascinating can you get

Well it’s going to have to happen soon, I am going to have to buy Mother of the Bride clothes.  I’ve already had a look at some of em, and I can’t say I’m impressed.  I wouldn’t wear these in real life, I REFUSE to wear them in Vegas.  I shall not be wearing a hat.  I love hats, with my flat head, but no,I will be wearing a ‘fascinater’ apparently.  Now, come ON, I’m fascinating enough surely?  (I flatter myself because no one else will).

1840-early-victorian wedding dress

  At least the Wedding dress is sorted, and it’s gorgeous!  My own wedding dress was a white lace number with big puffy sleeves.  I’ve still got it,  I’ll never get into it again, (I had a job getting into it in the first place!).  Wedding dresses have certainly changed down the years.  I remember a seeing this Charlotte Bronte dress in the Bronte Parsonage Museum, Haworth, Yorkshire.  It was tiny, but then so was she.  I don’t think it was a wedding dress  as such.


 This interesting web site shows how Wedding dresses have changed through the years.