Weird and wacky design: Walk a mile in these shoes?

I’ve not put any ‘Weird and Wacky designs’ on here for a while – so I shall address that now.  I love strange shoes, though it takes me all my time to wear high heels these days (though I just will not be told and do try to persevere).  I rather like these shoes. I like theContinue reading “Weird and wacky design: Walk a mile in these shoes?”

Weird and wacky design – Get the Message

Since it is impractical to wear your actual heart to your sleeve – or even nail your colours to the mast (you’d need a boat for a start), the next best thing  for getting your message across is to get it emblazoned a T-shirt.  Logo and message T-shirts are very common, some of the slogans have become clichés.  ButContinue reading “Weird and wacky design – Get the Message”

Weird and wacky design: In my cups

There are some very unusual cups around.  I especially like this one with coffee beans on.  I don’t know how practical it would be to drink out of, but it looks good to me.  Other strange cups HERE I think this meaty cup is thought provokingly weird!  (do I want my thought provoked like this?)Continue reading “Weird and wacky design: In my cups”

‘Weird and Wacky design:The short life of a gadget

    I’m a sucker for gadgets – especially kitchen gadgets.  I just have to have them!  Of course, I use them a couple of times and away they go in the cupboard, forgotten until I have no more room, then they are relegated to the cellar only to see the light of day when the whimContinue reading “‘Weird and Wacky design:The short life of a gadget”

Weird and Wacky Designs: Hitting the Sack (and keeping it)

I think these refuse sacks are so cute!  (they’re called ‘Happy sacks’) and just the job for all that sorting out I am going to do.  But surely they’re much too nice to throw away?  Here I go again…..   Is there any end to it?  I also like these ‘Birch log’ pillows, they come inContinue reading “Weird and Wacky Designs: Hitting the Sack (and keeping it)”

Weird and Wacky Design: Conjuring Rabbits from a Car

I don’t know what is wrong with wordpress lately, but I keep losing lots of stuff, then they keep coming back.  I have changed a lot of stuff round recently, so I need to go through my settings again, make sure I’ve not ticked some wrong boxes or something.  I came across these unusual animals madeContinue reading “Weird and Wacky Design: Conjuring Rabbits from a Car”

Weird and Wacky Design: Crusty Bread Rolls with It!

  Just a quick one tonight.  I came across this silly bread roll the other day which I thought was rather fun.  Also this bread hand.  The question is why?  the answer must be  ‘why not! because they can, that’s why! And what about this weird foot?  I wonder how difficult it is to sculptContinue reading “Weird and Wacky Design: Crusty Bread Rolls with It!”