Weird and wacky design: In my cups

coffee bean cup

There are some very unusual cups around.  I especially like this one with coffee beans on.  I don’t know how practical it would be to drink out of, but it looks good to me.  Other strange cups HERE

not my cup of meat

I think this meaty cup is thought provokingly weird!  (do I want my thought provoked like this?)  Meat and drink, meaty Bovril, streaky Tea….I’m trying to make a link here and failing dismally.  Strange, just one of the many exhibits from this exhibition HERE

I heart tea

This heart shaped cup is so dainty and cute.  But I wonder what it would be like to try to drink from?  I’m now trying to think of a red drink – probably rosehip tea or something.  That would look nice. perhaps a little palmier biscuit on the side too – purely for artistic purposes you understand…. want one? HERE

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