Good old days are here already, and I’m not ready

When I was young (I always swore I’d NEVER start a sentence with that…). I always used to wonder why ‘old’ people went about with hats, scarves and coats with  turned up collars .  I was never cold.  We would go out in the snow with tights and heels on, and short skirts.  We didn’tContinue reading “Good old days are here already, and I’m not ready”

A Little Light relief: Euphoria Borealis

Having recently watched a programme about the Northern Lights, (it’s one of my ambitions to see this strange phenomena one day).  It put me in mind of a painting I did in my final year at Uni.  It was the last painting I completed for my degree.  I had done a massive Art History dissertation, Continue reading “A Little Light relief: Euphoria Borealis”

Help! I’m disappearing up my own archive!

blackhole-at-the-heart-of-the-circinus galaxy (one I may be contributing to)  As the old year disappears and the New Year, once a distant shadow looms closer and closer: becoming more of a reality or possibility, it begins to occur to me that all the words I’ve wrote so far will ‘disappear’ into that seemingly invisible file called ‘Archive’. Continue reading “Help! I’m disappearing up my own archive!”

Goodbye Christmas: Hello New Year!

The Post Christmas lull has set in.  I will start the New Year with some more work on my altered book.  Until then, I am still getting over Christmas.  It will be good to get back to ‘normal’ eating (and less booze).  I KNOW I will feel better for it! compatriots-2 acrylics on board. colourContinue reading “Goodbye Christmas: Hello New Year!”

In the beginning……was the beginning (original rescued altered book notes)

  I didn’t realise just how old my altered book was until I found this bit of writing on an old disc!  This book is like the Marie Celeste!  Six years though………. that’s a long long time. 26th August 2002 Today I decided to attempt making an ‘altered’ book.  I had a choice of two hardContinue reading “In the beginning……was the beginning (original rescued altered book notes)”

Boxing Day – lucky for some: unlucky for wrens

  I never knew there were so many traditions associated with Boxing day.  From giving gifts to the lower classes of people to the stoning of wrens!   Apparently this to relates to the stoning of St Stephen (whose birthday it also is).  There are some interesting facts about Boxing Day on these sites: – Tom Smith

All done and dusted! Up with the feet and out with the booze!

At last, all is done for Christmas day tomorrow!  Yippee! all presents wrapped and delivered (thanks Santa mate!) , all food prep underway: nothing to do but lie back and enjoy!  Cheers!