‘New Years Eve 2009 already’

Here’s my post for New Years eve 2009, except I’m really writing this on 30th December so I’ve not been out kicking my heels up – yet.  I shall have to review my resolutions from last year and see how many I’ve stuck to.  New Years eve’s shenanigans with be blogged on New Years dayContinue reading “‘New Years Eve 2009 already’”

‘Winding down the year’

Well the year’s very nearly over.  Is it just me, or does this decade seem the shortest decade ever?  It seems only yesterday that we celebrated the Millenium.  It’s frightening how life is galloping on, and the pace seems more and more frantic the older I get. There is a feeling of winding down asContinue reading “‘Winding down the year’”

‘Watched:Upstairs, Downstairs, series 5′

(The above episode is taken from the opening series made in 1971) I was bought the 5th series of ‘Upstairs Downstairs’ as one of my Christmas presents.  I love this period drama about the life of the Bellamy family and their servants. Set in Eaton Square London in the Edwardian and Georgian period,  the ideaContinue reading “‘Watched:Upstairs, Downstairs, series 5′”

‘Weird and wacky design: Grunt and squeak and squark with the animals…’

  I found these weird and wacky designs with an animal theme. I think  the singing deer’s head is hilarious!  He’s called Buck, apparently he’s meant to sit on your desktop…Skynyrd will never sound the same again.  The best though and in totally bad (as in bad is the new good) taste is ‘Rawhide’.  I think they should doContinue reading “‘Weird and wacky design: Grunt and squeak and squark with the animals…’”

‘Good old King Wencelas – Bohemian benefactor?’

I’m typing this post on 26th December, the feast of Stephen – otherwise known as Boxing Day.  Traditionally this is the day where presents were opened by the needy – given by the privileged.  Well I suppose  we are either too needy now, or we just couldn’t wait, as the majority of us open our presentsContinue reading “‘Good old King Wencelas – Bohemian benefactor?’”

‘Christmas an anti climax?’

After a huge Christmas dinner, it has been decided (the same as every year) that I MUST go on a diet in the New Year.  In fact this always becomes a resolution that doesn’t take long for me to rebel against.  One of my Christmas presents was a pair of snow boots! What a coincidence thatContinue reading “‘Christmas an anti climax?’”

‘Christmas has the last word (the first is ‘happy’)’

Still in the swing of Christmas Eve at the moment, wrapping presents and making chestnut stuffing, except I couldn’t get any chestnuts so I thought I would be a little innovative and use hazenuts and a few chopped pecans.  Other ingredients includes sausage meat, apple, garlic….. So, just finished wrapping presents and I must sayContinue reading “‘Christmas has the last word (the first is ‘happy’)’”

‘Forget hanging your stocking up – wear em on your feet!’

Just had to venture out to do some more shopping.  After being more or less snowed in yesterday, there was a lot to do.  Lots of people are in hospital with broken limbs, due to the hazardous weather conditions.  It’s quite frightening really, walking on sheets of ice. When we were young we never worriedContinue reading “‘Forget hanging your stocking up – wear em on your feet!’”