‘Weird and wacky design: Grunt and squeak and squark with the animals…’

I found these weird and wacky designs with an animal theme. I think  the singing deer’s head is hilarious!  He’s called Buck, apparently he’s meant to sit on your desktop…Skynyrd will never sound the same again.  The best though and in totally bad (as in bad is the new good) taste is ‘Rawhide’.  I think they should do a mule one singing ‘Mule train’ as it bangs a tray over its head….  Want the deer one? HERE

Doggy genes

I am  astounded (and I really shouldn’t be) but, Genealogy for dogs?  Test your dog’s DNA. I suppose this would be handy to establish pedigree, but it would be really amazing with a mongrel (a Heinz 57 variety kind of doggy).  Plus, who is to say if the ancestry is correct or not? there are no relatives who can come forward and confirm.  I find this most strange indeed, – but no doubt it will appeal to some, so  the link  is  HERE

the animal scales

Continuing with the animal theme, I rather like these wacky animal scales.  Instead of reading your weight in lbs stones or kilos, your weight comes out in rabbits, ducks, armadillos or even horses!  Imagine being the same weight as a cart horse!   What an incentive to lose weight eh!  I reckon I need to lose a few ducks (well maybe a gaggle of geese).  I think these scales are great fun, but perhaps a way to really drive it home is for the animals to make noises……buy them HERE

2 thoughts on “‘Weird and wacky design: Grunt and squeak and squark with the animals…’

    1. A wildebeest lol! I wonder what the bigest animal is on those scales? half that – and you are getting near to what I’ve put on this christmas. I just have to look at food and it comes running to me and gives me a great HUGE hug lol! it LOVES me!

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