‘Forget hanging your stocking up – wear em on your feet!’

Just had to venture out to do some more shopping.  After being more or less snowed in yesterday, there was a lot to do.  Lots of people are in hospital with broken limbs, due to the hazardous weather conditions.  It’s quite frightening really, walking on sheets of ice. When we were young we never worriedContinue reading “‘Forget hanging your stocking up – wear em on your feet!’”

He’s Jack and He’s back with a Vengeance

  It’s obvious that Jack Frost has been to work these past couple of days, not only has it been snowing, it’s also dangerously icy.  I think he’s also been at work on my PC which seems to have ceased up – it’s gone very slow indeed.  But who exactly is Jack Frost?  We know whatContinue reading “He’s Jack and He’s back with a Vengeance”