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Expanding Text and Magical Imagery

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my problems are magnified

When I answer a comment, it comes as a very unwelcome surprise to see some of my posts now in HUGE format!  I have been having this problem from time to time, the formatting  just goes haywire (even if I use the smallest possible size – the print  just comes out  HUGE).   So when I spot this, I try to rectify it  if I can.

I noticed this had happened with my John Cooper Clarke post, still don’t know why and have changed it as best as I can.  This also drew my attention to what good fun poetry can be.  I used to write loads of poetry – lots of it very pretentious and flowery, lol!  I was into Tyrannosaurus Rex at the time (NOT T. Rex I might add – the previous band).  I just loved the way Bolan used words for their own sake.  I tried to derive meanings from these poems, but of course they didn’t really have any meaning, they were just – well, beautiful and magical:

A cobra seer with punctured ear, slaughtered a Malayan Sunbear

Night stands erect with bronzen haunches

Zapped the seer and gave the bear back to us

Salamanda Palaganda

Palomino blue

Salamanda Palaganda

June’s buffalo too

In th Parisian  Zoo

Now, I quite like the sound of the seer with punctured ear and the night standing erect on bronzen haunches, conjures up quite a picture.  How about this one (called Consuela)

Consuela, Lady tailor

Weaving deep beneath the sun,

Making things for everything that runs run

Hermitised one  you’re my little summer maid

Orchard eyed one take my love

love love

Consuela, lady tailor

Weaving deep beneath the moon

Quiver mouth casts a crooning moon rune


You can almost see the workings of Bolan’s  word association with this: croon  (crone) hence the quivering mouth.  Plus the crone has to of course ‘cast’ a moon rune.  This is very much like the wyrd sisters (or the Norns, guardians of fate) from Norse Mythology who also protect the runes.  There’s a rich imagination at work amongst these lyrics.  I would always class Bolan a poet in the real sense.

Here he is  singing it with others