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‘Christmas an anti climax?’

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my lovely snow boots which I can't wait to try out!

After a huge Christmas dinner, it has been decided (the same as every year) that I MUST go on a diet in the New Year.  In fact this always becomes a resolution that doesn’t take long for me to rebel against.  One of my Christmas presents was a pair of snow boots! What a coincidence that I was writing about slipping and sliding in the snow only the other day!  Of course the snow is now melting………..

I don’t believe it (said in a slightly slurred Victor Meldrew voice) who? see above.  Someone who shall remain nameless bought me  the ‘Mr Darcy Vampire’ book!  Now I shall have to read it when I’ve finished ‘Branwell Bronte’s Barber’s tale’ by Chris Firth, which is going down very well with me and which I’m nearly halfway through.  But at the moment 8PM Christmas day when I’m writing this, I am recycling all the leftover veg into a tasty and nourishing soup (hopefully)

Mr Darcy Vampire 'He a beauty? I'd soon as call his mother a wit'


It’s been a lovely Christmas day and I’m now relaxing with a drink or two.  In fact I have been so good today booze wise – just a couple of sips of wine with dinner and a couple of vodkas and cokes.  Boxing day to look forward to now and then it’s all over.  So much preparation for such a short time.  Why do we do it?   Because it wouldn’t be Christmas without all the hassle?  The run up to the main event is much longer than the actual event itself, it’s making Christmas an actual anti climax.


Happy Christmas one and all!

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Thought I’d just write a quick Happy Christmas to anyone who may be reading, hope you are all having a happy day like me!

stained glass nativity scene

stained glass nativity scene


All done and dusted! Up with the feet and out with the booze!

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Deck the head with black and silver

Deck the head with black and silver

At last, all is done for Christmas day tomorrow!  Yippee! all presents wrapped and delivered (thanks Santa mate!) , all food prep underway: nothing to do but lie back and enjoy!  Cheers!