A postcard from Yorkshire

We’re always going off to Haworth, (famous for being the home of the Bronte family).  Nothing much changes in Haworth.  We’ve even stayed there a few times, at the bottom of the hill in a 16th century hotel called Haworth Old Hall.  One time, a bat flew in to the bedroom – so I bitContinue reading “A postcard from Yorkshire”

What I’m Reading at the moment; ‘Branwell Bronte’s Barber’s Tale’ by Chris Firth

I am  in that inbetweeny period where I have no new books to read (sob) so I’m having to rely on old ones: ones I have read years ago, like ‘Samuel Pepys’ Diary’.  Occasionally I come across a book I’ve bought and for some reason or other, haven’t got round to reading.  Well, such an occurenceContinue reading “What I’m Reading at the moment; ‘Branwell Bronte’s Barber’s Tale’ by Chris Firth”

300 Posts and Still Celebrating!

Let the celebrations continue – that’s what I say!  Amongst my categories are ‘Potty about Teapots’, this is where I try to find unusual teapots that have particularly unusual and aesthetically pleasing designs (in my opinion), or they are made from unusual materials.  ‘Bronte Bites’ are little snippets about the Bronte’s that I find interesting. Continue reading “300 Posts and Still Celebrating!”

One Week – A summing up

Well that time has come around yet again.  It’s Saturday evening when I’m typing this, but you’ll be (hopefully) reading this on Sunday, thanks to the scheduling tool.  As usual it’s a quick one as I have to work.  So really just a quick summing up of the week. Mr Von Grosny lets us knowContinue reading “One Week – A summing up”

Black Sheep Branwell: It wasn’t ALL Rock and Roll…

It’s Sunday, so it’s just a quick post again. Whilst in Haworth I visited Branwell Bronte’s exhibition.  It’s a small one, but it at least affords us a more rounded picture of Patrick Bronte’s tragic son.  There were small water colours, poems both in tiny form and a more ordinary format. Small plays and evenContinue reading “Black Sheep Branwell: It wasn’t ALL Rock and Roll…”

Staying at Wuthering Heights (as one does…..)

We stayed over night in Haworth for the first time.  It was wet and windy, living up to it’s wuthering reputation.  We stayed at Haworth Old Hall, built in the 1600s and full of atmosphere.  This was the original Wuthering Heights!  I’m talking about the very first  film  of Emily Bronte’s book, made in the 1920s ofContinue reading “Staying at Wuthering Heights (as one does…..)”

Haworth – STILL Wuthering and Very Much So!

Yes we went to Haworth yet again…and what weather it it was!  I have never been when it’s rained, I have never stayed over and seen the place in the dark.  So there were quite a few first there.  I will put my new pictures on tomorrow, in the meanwhile enjoy ‘Did the REAL CharlotteContinue reading “Haworth – STILL Wuthering and Very Much So!”