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Legless fish and other food oddities

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Haworth Old Hall a lovely place to stay

I had a few nice meals whilst I was away.  One of them – a Venison Noisette in red wine, bacon, onion, mushroom and juniper (Haworth Old Hall) was absolutely delicious.  Another contender was something called Lamb Jennings – described as being slowly braised until it falls of the bone lamb, in rosemary and red wine.  But the thing that intrigued me and put me off a little and made me opt for the venison was not knowing what a Lamb Jennings actually was.  What I mean to say is – what part of a lamb is its Jennings?

Jennings ale

It turned out that I needn’t have worried.  The ‘Jennings’ referred to is actually the name of the ale (beer) it is infused with!  Why not say that?  It sounds delicious!

Pacific cod loin

Another food oddity I have noticed everywhere is ‘Cod Loins’.  I am at a loss with this.  How do fish have ‘loins’?  I can see how a loin or two can be taken from pork – an animal with four legs, but not a fish.

chicken McNuggets in 1997 packaging

My husband always asks what part of a chicken is it’s Mcnuggets?  Well what part of a chicken is it?  Has it seen a chicken?  The thing that has always put me off Kentucky Fried chicken is that some of it has no bone.  How and why does the bone jellify?   Sure, its artistic liscence to include ‘infuse’ or ‘on a bed’ or ‘wild’ rice/mushroom etc. Perhaps it’s just me, but I like to know what I’m eating (and which bit), 

pork cuts as I understand them

Haworth Old Hall where we stayed (home of the Lamb Jennings)

Pork prime cuts here


My new poem on Bookstains is called Last Impression

Staying at Wuthering Heights (as one does…..)

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the old hall by day

the old hall by day

We stayed over night in Haworth for the first time.  It was wet and windy, living up to it’s wuthering reputation.  We stayed at Haworth Old Hall, built in the 1600s and full of atmosphere.  This was the original Wuthering Heights!  I’m talking about the very first  film  of Emily Bronte’s book, made in the 1920s of course.  Apparently this film has disappeared and the Bronte Society would very much like to get hold of it! Read about it HERE

the window above the door was our room.  You can well imagine this as Wuthering Heights!

the window above the door was our room. You can well imagine this as Wuthering Heights!

The place itself is full of character and serves wonderful meals.  Flag floors, stone, wooden floorboards, mullion windows and big fireplaces – what more could you want?  A bat did lose its way and fly through our window..but that only added to the visit!  We were assured that this was VERY unusual and NOT an everyday occurrence (I don’t want to put anyone off staying here – it’s fab and the staff and hosts are very friendly and generous!).  So I suppose that the bat must have been an omen of some sort meant just for us …hope it was a good one lol!

old Hall by nigth, a rainy one at that

old Hall by nigth, a rainy one at that


So many mysteries lately, disappearing films, visits from bats and the unearthing of a possible Bronte painting Lots to think about.

Haworth Old Hall – A Great place to stay, read about it HERE